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"Please comment, rate, view, and subscribe as always!" That's what you would say if this was youtube :P.

YOYOYO I know this YoutubePoop was cool an all but Imaperson makes the best YTP's of all time!!
But seriously this is pretty boring compared to what's out there (YoutubePoop wise) so I'll give you a list of people you might like:
Imaperson, JakeSteel0121, BillyMorshu, DualScreen77, YTPNews1 (he does news of YTP and poops himself), MSTRadock, Nazeem38, TheChultley, Combuskenisawesome, CommanderGwonam, Demanga, fezzfay (YTPMV's, but still cool) and there are probably others that are awesome that I haven't mentioned. And no I'm not talking about those dinnerspageti poopers or the dead and gone old poopers like HomoProductions, Deepercrap, WalrusGay, and those other losers that dare call themselves YTPers. The people I've recommended define what YoutubePoop really is. Not these CDi sentence mixing fags like Tornus etc.
Sorry about the LONG rant here. But when I see someone either unknown of something I really know that I would like to help (like you) or objecting it because they don't like it and troll the fuck out of it I go into long winded rants. Story of my life.

Hurrah for you!

Grats on uotd


@JakeWearsJeans Those youtube poopers shouldn't even be considered poopers. They're about as creative as pooping and adding a stupid pedestrian song throughout the whole poop and calling it "creative." kroboproductions, walrusguy, captpan6, deepercut.. (well not really, he actually isnt good) are the kings of the Golden Era of Poops, anything else is pure poop, the stink ass kind.

user of the day is an award ?

I saw real whole video much better and yes it does sound like youtube.

XwaynecoltXGear has like 19,000 reviews. O_O


get lost.

how can someone be user of the day whit just 1 video?

It's completely random.
I knew.
And you, my friend, post so many reviews its like spam!

+1 comment.

I like how you make up awards and then give them to yourself.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but..
User Of The Day is not an actual award. It means nothing. Everyday, a random user gets selected (even if they didn't do anything on NG) and nobody cares, honestly.

I know you've received a PM from 'MH16' telling you that you've been selected as UOTD, but that was because i like to send PM's to people. I? Yes, I. I am MH16. Or was, actually.

I thought you were aware of the meaninglessness of this so called 'award' and that PM i sent you was a joke, obviously.

LOL! great ytp.

Please subscribe.

Yaaaay! Congrats!