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This was quite funny. I loved the crumbs jokes. I admit to never having done this. I was too far away of course! The thing I miss most about school is the bus ride home. I have such fond memories of that.

It was just a perfect time to relax. Well, I had trouble making friends. Not that it would have been very comfortable in this situation. Anyone could make a cartoon like this. I never saw a porn shop as a kid.

That was hilarious! I do wish I could see the full version though. I love that story. It does make you wonder that. I mean, they outnumber the detective. Why not just kill him too?

Well, they probably wouldn't buy the suicide thing. Of course, that's the gag. Please finish these! They're so funny! This is probably my favorite webcomic.

Phobotech responds:

Thanks! I linked to the full version in the author's comments. Here it is again!


That was awesome! I really did like seeing all that action! I thought stick figure animation was dead. The best part was how he was named Eric! Take a guess why I like that name. Wish the same could be said for Doug Walker.

It was weird to hear dialogue at the end. That made it all the more effective! Everything just looked so slick. I regret not seeing the previous installments. I'm new to it!

AliHaleem responds:

Thank You 🌹
Im really happy that you are guys enjoyed it
And thank you for that reviews I Really Appreciate it 💓

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Level 11 is that one level. "Eleven" kind of rhymes with "level". Well, it's spelled the same way. The music's great. I really was impressed at how creative this was. I mean, it's no easy game.

Who would have thought a game about jumping cows would be so much fun? It's a great puzzle game. I always have to time everything. It's so fast paced. Again, complicated for a cow game.

I'm not into point 'n click adventures, but this was great. I especially love how realistic it is. Well, I couldn't get out of my own room. I might mean that literally. Everything just looks so sweet and fluffy. The music's great too.

It appears to be a very relaxing game. Yeah, a computer within a computer! I like meta stuff. I can always appreciate a game for how it looks. It's so subtle.

I'm sorry, but I just couldn't get into this. The artwork seemed pretty shoddy. Was there sound on this? It just seemed too basic. It's too bland. I wasn't motivated to get any medals.

I guess the game itself is harmless enough. There's so much better stuff out there. Well, you still got front page. I can't fault you for that. Well, you had a lot of people working on it!

Yomuchan responds:

The artwork was done in the style of classic newgrounds flash games, I wanted to make something that felt like it was straight outta 2005. And yeah, this is my first time making a business sim. It's been a good learning experience and I'm sure I can do better next time. Thanks for your review!

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This may have the highest rating of anything I've seen in the audio portal. 4.71! That's crazy! I really do feel bad because I don't give this the full score. I mean, I guess I'm just not into folk blues. It's still a great song.

I had no idea this would have lyrics. It might have had a little less chorus at the beginning. This is still a great voice. Is that really yours? You certainly know how to capture the spirit of the blues and congrats on being Egoraptor's favorite song!

I didn't find this to be anything that original. That doesn't stop it from being a good song. The strongest point is how authentic it all sounds. You really know how to create atmosphere. That's important for a lot of songs. Were you talking about Christmas holly?

I think you meant to say "holy". Or meant to type "holy". This had a fairly good length. There wasn't that much variation with itself. It certainly gets me in the Church spirit.

CarlTheVoiceactor responds:

Thanks for the review! I appreciate the viewpoint :D I did indeed mean to type "Holy" and not holly. Thanks for pointing that out. Atmosphere is generally the goal for me when I make music so I'm glad I hit that mark and am also extremely happy you enjoyed! It's been awhile since I've made new music but I think this review may have put me back in the spirit for it! Thanks again and cheers.

Wow, this song was absolutely amazing! I can understand why Egoraptor loves it so much. Yeah duh, that's his voice too. As a huge fan of his, it was great to hear his voice so randomly. This had so much style! Everything about this is so fast paced.

It certainly doesn't seem like two minutes. It's hard to even think you could put so much stuff in such a short time. There were some bubble noises, clapping and bass sounds. It's just this great mishmash of so many great sounds! May these genres live on forever! You deserve all these reviews.

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I admit that it's hilarious to take such a goofy character and make him serious. What literal phrase was he thinking about? It's been awhile since I've seen the actual cartoon. I remember favoriting that one. Congrats on being Egoraptor's favorite art submission! You probably deserve it.

I really do feel sorry for this guy. It must be hard for him all the time. He kind of looks like Butters from "South Park". Come to think of it, he's almost in the same decision. I guess I like losing characters.

Oh, I get it. I didn't quite understand the joke, but it's all obvious now. I just love this. It's only one joke, but damn is it funny. You just have no idea what's going to be in this picture. I guess more observant people could tell from the title.

Well, this teaches a good lesson at least. Disney's rich enough on their own now. I love the prince's look. It would be hard for them to uh...be together. I don't want to think about those implications. Thank you for this original and hilarious idea!

Yes, I finally got up with all your art pieces! I admit this was kind of weird. It wasn't as good as most of your other pieces. I am glad you told us why you submitted it. I wish you would come back here! I am not familiar with this character at all.

I am glad it's at least something different. You rarely draw men here. The colors were fairly good. I don't see what this has to do with poop, cats, farts, or pee. Oh well, random humor can be funny.

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