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This may have the highest rating of anything I've seen in the audio portal. 4.71! That's crazy! I really do feel bad because I don't give this the full score. I mean, I guess I'm just not into folk blues. It's still a great song.

I had no idea this would have lyrics. It might have had a little less chorus at the beginning. This is still a great voice. Is that really yours? You certainly know how to capture the spirit of the blues and congrats on being Egoraptor's favorite song!

I didn't find this to be anything that original. That doesn't stop it from being a good song. The strongest point is how authentic it all sounds. You really know how to create atmosphere. That's important for a lot of songs. Were you talking about Christmas holly?

I think you meant to say "holy". Or meant to type "holy". This had a fairly good length. There wasn't that much variation with itself. It certainly gets me in the Church spirit.

CarlTheVoiceactor responds:

Thanks for the review! I appreciate the viewpoint :D I did indeed mean to type "Holy" and not holly. Thanks for pointing that out. Atmosphere is generally the goal for me when I make music so I'm glad I hit that mark and am also extremely happy you enjoyed! It's been awhile since I've made new music but I think this review may have put me back in the spirit for it! Thanks again and cheers.

Wow, this song was absolutely amazing! I can understand why Egoraptor loves it so much. Yeah duh, that's his voice too. As a huge fan of his, it was great to hear his voice so randomly. This had so much style! Everything about this is so fast paced.

It certainly doesn't seem like two minutes. It's hard to even think you could put so much stuff in such a short time. There were some bubble noises, clapping and bass sounds. It's just this great mishmash of so many great sounds! May these genres live on forever! You deserve all these reviews.

This was quite entertaining. It's mostly because of how soft it is. I don't really see how this was supposed to be soul crushing. I mean, it's pretty sad, but not THAT sad. I guess you needed something longer to make you feel that bad. This is still a wonderfully strong song.

This is a really soft beat. It still affects you strongly. It doesn't need to be long. In fact, it works quite well as a loop. There's not much variance in its short time. Again, it doesn't need it.

Wow, this is one of the most emotionally investing songs I have ever heard in my life. It's not just the fact that the song itself is flawless in every sense of the word. It's the fact that you included this beautiful description. It almost seems like a creepypasta. It's still haunting but also so artsy. I totally understand what's going on.

This makes me sad I don't have a piano anymore. It's mostly sad music. It just really fills you with such strong emotion. Each of us can probably ourselves interpret what it means to us personally. You know how to tell a wonderful story. I would love to see this made into a flash cartoon!

MarkySpark responds:

You honor me, thank you. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Yeah, the voice used for "Death Battle" was better. You still delivered that World Of Cardboard speech wonderfully. Dang, is that such an iconic moment. These are definitely things he would say. You should probably put in more emotion. It sounds a bit dull at times.

There might be something wrong with the recording device. Then again, I don't know how FL Studio works. This was a nice attempt. It's been too long since I've heard your voice. Have I ever even heard it before?

I think it's nice how you respond to all of your reviews. I guess they're not comments. I guess this song wasn't bad. I just didn't like how it went on forever. It's been awhile since I've heard something that long. You should have just put it up as an infinite loop.

We can make the player file do that, you know. I guess it did kind of remind me of a granny. I will certainly give you credit on being unique. It just wasn't quite rewarding. I think I did hear something different seven minutes in.

This is one of the highest rated things you've ever worked on! It's just great to hear these funny voices again. Of course, you've always used most of these voices. It's so fun to hear you making fun of it. I'm not sure why you submitted this. Where's the new TOME episodes?

At least this is something from you here. I know you didn't use your voice for everything on this. That actually gave it variety, so I liked it more. I admit to never being a fan of that show. Maybe when I was REALLY young.

I admitted that I was disappointed to find out that this had nothing to do with Fluttershy. Sorry, I'm just a huge brony! I thought I was more familiar with Mega Man music. Yeah, it's probably just that one bit. This was good, but it wasn't great. I think it's because it's a bit too short.

I can appreciate how you consistently make these. I do think they're getting a bit tedious. Then again, you are only releasing one a year from now on! You're still good at making sounds. Of course, I guess talking is technically the same thing as that, right?

I admit that I am getting a little tired of all these songs. I did feel this was a bit unique. It was nice to hear those other voices at the end. I'm not familiar with this music at all. Well, I never played any of the classic Sonic games anyway. This was still fine.

It certainly has a lot of energy to it. It's cool how you record your voice so many times over itself. That must be fun to create. I really am a pretty big Sonic fan. Well, I'm more into the cartoons and comics.

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