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Hmmm, I personally didn't find this to be that much better than the last one. With that being said, I still think it's great! It was really fun to listen to something so soft. Wait, maybe I just have the volume down too low. No, I still think it's pretty soft. It's actually more triumphant than you think.

It could have been a little longer, though. It still manages to be ambitious music. You get more of a build up with this. It looks like people didn't think this was much better. I still love it!

This was a great song! I think my favorite part about it is how soft it is. I will admit that I was kind of hoping for more, well, action. It didn't seem like this really add up to much. It's still a wonderful song. It's still good how you keep up this pace for so long.

It really is a nice, soft song. It's good to have some every once in awhile. It didn't seem very electronic. I guess I'm just not used to hearing electronic songs that aren't loud. This was a nice change.

I simply can not believe that this has a rating of only 3.16! I mean, it's not one of the best songs I've heard, but it's amazing! It's a great departure. You are known for creating lots of silly stuff. This was anything but! Then again, it was your first audio submission. Everything is just so well put together.

It's great that you made something so good on your first try. Again, it's sad most people don't like it as much as I do. I still think it was a wonderful start. You'd be amazed at how bad a lot of old stuff is. It's quite triumphant music.

It seems like the loading screen always has no stuff to look at. Anyway, this is a fantastic song. I was thinking that I had seen the cartoon it was in, but I must have been mistaken. This was actually a remix of something else. I have heard so many songs it's easy to see how some of them are familiar. It really does fit the mood of "Final Fantasy".

A pity it has yet to be heard in any FF related submission. It's just such an ambitious song. It's great to hear such great buildup. I just had so much fun with this. It's something that keeps you interested the whole time. Everything just keeps getting more and more adventurous.

Yes, you made yet another awesome song. It wasn't as great as the other ones, but still awesome! I couldn't help but think this was part in a series. Oh yeah, I guess it is all part of your new album. It's great that you're sharing this with us. We all appreciate how delicate this song is.

I'm glad your scores only get higher. You deserve only the best. I would love to see cartoons done in this style. Well, I guess cartoons using this music. I'm so glad you came back to audio after years. It was certainly worth it to hear all this new material.

It's great to know that you used your actual guitar for this. It seems like you have really changed and given new song material. I am so freaking glad! Was the entry this was featured in deleted? You know how to perfectly use grace. It's amazing to think that this is by the same guy who makes generally scary cartoons.

I would love to hear more lighthearted stuff. You've just been a roll lately! It's the perfect bedtime music. Well, the title does strike me as weird. It seems like someone wants to die soon. Whatever, this is a wonderful piece of music and I'm so glad to be a fan of yours.

This is one of the most emotional songs I've heard in my entire life. I can't believe this hasn't been used! It is a truly beautiful song that is nothing but peace (well, there is more action at the end). The harp is just a fantastic sound. You know how to perfectly bring about joy. This seems like it would make a fantastic lullaby. Hell, ANYTHING with this would be great.

You have truly shown the true beauty of music. It doesn't even seem like something you would make. I am so glad to have listened to this masterpiece. It doesn't sound electronic in the slightest bit. To me, that's a word that means a lack of emotion. This was anything BUT.

It's so great I can't believe I didn't know it was in another submission! This may in fact be the best song you have ever worked on. It's mostly because it's just so pleasant. You really get a soft and graceful feeling from listening to this. It really does make me think of birth. Granted, it was more disgusting in the "Salad Fingers" episode, but still.

It's just great to have you make something so profound. I think there are church bells of some kind in here. I felt like this was just the right length too. It was short enough to not be repetitive. This is your first song in years. It was certainly worth the wait!

Well, this had a pretty inspirational title, but it wasn't really inspirational. The voice was probably the best part of this. I guess that was also the most inspiring part! You got your job done then! Whatever, this seemed to be quite different from you. It was even a lot different than the previous hip-hop song you did.

It can get repetitive. I love the softer music that appears at 4:32. A pity that's at the end of the song! This had quite a steady beat to it. I'm glad you are still here making great songs.

This is one of my favorite songs from you! I can certainly tell there were drugs involved. Then again, you do stuff like that all the time. My only complaint is that it does get a little repetitive. I could not really recognize that it was you making this. I guess it's mostly because there was no voice.

It had a pretty decent running time. I do like how it got softer at the end. You aren't really known for transitions. I thought it worked out very well. Everyone says psychedelics are good anyways.

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