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This song was absolutely amazing! I think the best part about it was probably how it was so creative. There was always something different going on. I still love how you mention what time it truly changes. They are just so many fine details. It builds itself up perfectly.

I was thinking of a wonderous tune at first. In reality, it was hard to come up with one emotion. You work so strongly with them all. We need more great songs like this. It flashes on and off wonderfully. It's the best song I've heard in a long time.

I love the name of this. It reminds me of Oreos. It was great to hear a song that was so soft. You could really specifically think of the piano notes. I even like the animation featured in this. Well, that always changes, but it's not the point.

I can hear the harp so well in this. Don't know if you used a real harp, though. It's definitely worth checking out. It's always nice to pay tribute to classical music. The song's length was pretty good too. We need soft songs like this.

It really is nice to hear such a happy song! I think the only downside was that it did go on a bit too long. It didn't give me that much of a technological feel. It was more one of just joy. That's certainly a great feeling. It's quite relentless in itself.

I can't think of the programs used for this. It has a great beginning and end that flows so well together. I guess it did make me think about a beach. That's just the image I think of when I see the word "paradise". Great stuff.

It's great that you're trying something different. It works pretty well for its length. The only thing I didn't like was how it did get a bit repetitive. It was still a great style to keep up. I thought about aliens when listening to this. Well, that's mostly because I thought it said "Aliens" instead of "Alias" in the title.

It seemed like you were going for a wondering tune. It wasn't so much a physical journey as it was more about thinking. It even goes through, like three phases. That is pretty unique for a song here. I'm glad it has such a high rating.

Well, at least I've heard of fortunacus before. This is the longest song I've heard in a, well, long time. It's hard to go wrong with this. I am glad to be back into technological video game songs. I do have no idea what the title means. The author comments are kind of suiting, I guess?

I just love how this has such high spirits. It consistently keeps it up for six minutes. At the very end, it even gets a little depressing. It works so well when it goes back again. Everything is built up nicely.

There was one major thing that set this as different from other heavy metal songs. That part at the end. It gives off this truly different feeling. It still manages to stay faithful to the stress like indications of other heavy metal songs. I can hear some more detail in this. There seemed to be better reflection.

I'm impressed at how you just started out and made something this good! You have stuff going for you. The song's length was just right too. It may not have many reviews, but it's still great. It deserves that high score.

This is a great and energetic song! It seems more organized than Heavy Metal. What I mean is, it just seems to have more of a structure. You could understand a story with this. Granted, that's mostly because of the title. It's still great to listen to.

It's a truly sinister appeal you have here. I never thought of Heavy Metal as sounding like that. It's loud, but not the point of being threatening. I still hear traditional stuff you kept in. People should like this.

This was a great heavy metal piece! I think the most impressive thing was how it kept itself up all this time. I guess that's what I was missing from the last piece I saw. The longer time made it better. It didn't seem like it was too loud. It wasn't THAT heavy.

This is of course a compliment. You can go along with it better. Luke sounds pretty talented. I'm glad other people like this. He should go on making cool songs like this.

It wasn't one of my favorite songs, but it was still pretty good. I think it's because it gets a bit too redundant. I still appreciate all the work that was put into it. You should have put the animated video up here! Or maybe, it wasn't appropriate for this website or something. I can hear the drums well.

I do think this had a good length. As it wasn't that well detailed, it shouldn't be too long. Again, that's kind of a disadvantage. I guess I'm not as big a fan of heavy metal as I thought I was. I would still recommend this, though.

I think the best part is the beginning. It's nice to hear that voice. The rest of it is great as a video game song. It was great how you seemed to combine technology and fantasy. It did make me think of haunted places, but it also reminded me of a factory. Those are both things that can be quite sinister.

You know how to create atmosphere. There are some strikes at around 1:25 that I like. It seems like there's action going on in the song itself. Well, I guess there technically is. It was great to hear this.

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