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It must have been too long since I've seen the actual cartoon. It was great to hear this in its rawest form. I didn't know numerous people could be credited with an audio submission. It's still to know Psyguy was there. I have yet to play this song. I'm so familiar with the other Mario games though.

How ironic this would be the one I'm not familiar with. Then again, I'm not really into RPGs. You just have a consistently awesome voice in this. I have little idea with what the song is about. I can at least understand the rest of the Mario mythos. I love the Mario games, but mostly the platformer ones.

Oh yeah, I really should have known this would be the episode you were talking about. It's just great to hear that Mario music. It's been too long since I've heard a remix of this. Then again, this meme is old by now. I really do recall that "Rugrats" episode. As I'm moving out now, I am looking at old stuff.

It's great how consistent this is. There's a lot going on even though it's only less than a minute long. It's nice being familiar with the dialogue. You know what they're going to say. You just don't know how they're going to say it.

This was just freaking hilarious. I also love how you included the lyrics. It just makes the song seem so long. It moves so fluidly when it's a continual loop. It's just nothing but this great voice over and over. I don't know that much about the game.

I've certainly learned a lot from you about the series. This just goes on and on. It's great that you keep this awesome silly tone the entire time. I can see how this became an influence to you. You have a very nice voice.

Why didn't you include the "Goody goody gooden" in the lyrics? Then again, I'm not even sure if that's what he said. It was certainly something in stereotypical Indian. Well, I'm sure the original game was like that. I appreciate how you use your voice. You're so good with singing.

This certainly seems like something from that game. I know so much about it now, but have never played it. The instrumentals are great too. I like how you describe the game's actions. It was just a fun song.

It figures that this is Kirbopher's favorite submission! I admit that it really is a song growing on me. I have played a lot of Mario games. This isn't one of them! It's nice to be introduced to something new in the series. It's such a great series.

It certainly sounds like other versions. It certainly does sound like a robotic voice. It's still very good. That's probably why it works so well. It's weird reviewing something so old.

I never played Banjo Kazooie. I have seen videos of it and this definitely seems like something from the game. I love how your voice is so soft in this. I can still recognize it as being your own. It's great that you keep the same pitch. I love how you included the lyrics.

That's always a plus when you're singing a song here. It just makes everything so clear. It really fits the tone of the game. My favorite part is when you mention all the restaurants. It's great how you use different voices there.

This was so beautiful. I can understand why this is Almightyhans' favorite audio submission. It doesn't really come off as dark. It's more relaxing than anything else. Then again, I guess it could be considered sad. It just seems like a great lullaby.

You have shown how wonderful something can be without a lot of variety. It's just the same wonderful tune from beginning to end. You have talent, my friend. I still have that piano around my house. It is quite nostalgic. Thank you for giving me (or us) this wonderful graceful piece.

Dang it! This has such a higher rating than the last one even though I think this one isn't as good! Well, at least you got the high rating that you deserved. It really was great to at least hear some of your voice again. The instrumentals were still wonderfully done. This is as graceful as ever.

I'm so glad you made something a little more serious. It was still pretty emotional. It doesn't really make me think of vampires. Well, it does have a medieval tone to it. I understand it more now.

LadyArsenic responds:

Heehee thank you! My songs tend to get higher scores when they don't make the front page or song of the week or whatever.
Anyway I'm glad you like it! Thanks for listening <3

You said your voice was DUMB?! This is one of the best voices I've ever heard in my entire life! I have no idea why this has a rating of only 3.87! It's some of the most beautiful singing I've ever heard. I can't believe you didn't alter your voice or anything for this. You have one of the most wonderful I've ever heard!

I also love how you included the lyrics. The background music is flawless too. It's just wondering from beginning to end. You sound like an angel! I believe in angels and you are one of them! Never once do you stutter or get anything wrong.

LadyArsenic responds:

Oh wow, thank you for all the compliments! I'm really glad you like this! <3
I think the score is so low because this made front page. They get a lot of positive/negative attention when that happens. Anyway thanks so much for listening ^__^

I loved this song! It really did remind me of the classic noir series. The best part was probably when it stopped at around 2:32. I really did get the feeling that it was simply over. Instead, you kept on coming with more great tunes! It's just such a relaxing song.

At the same time, it's extremely ambitious. It gives me the feeling of being in some café while there's a crime scene in town. Maybe I've just been watching too much NWAR. I'm surprised this hasn't been used in anything! It's long, but well worth it! As a Book Ends, I loved this song!

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