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Yes, I remember this music directly from the game! I'm glad you submitted it on its own. It seems only yesterday that I was playing it. It really just comes off as "Armed Prophet" to me. It seemed a little repetitive at first. It actually flows better the more you hear it.

This was the music I probably heard the most in the game. It is the first kind you hear, of course. It really gets you pumped up for the game. There was some kind of guitar in it. It is literally memorable main menu music (wow, lots of M's and I wasn't even trying!).

Yes, I certainly remember this game! It really was great and I'm glad to listen to the raw form of its music. I have forgotten how good this is. It perfectly sets up the mood of the game. It's really fast paced, just like the game itself. There seems to be the sound of a huge organ in this.

Oh my gosh, I can actually say, "Happy Pico Day!". I AM righting about this on Pico Day! Well, this year's Pico Day at least. This has so much action and adventure to it. Great games need music like this.

It's great how you've made porn sound so funny. Is that Rina-chan's voice? Well, I was just listening to a great audio piece by her. It was wonderful to use this as a loop. Wait, all songs here can be looped. This is still wonderful by itself.

That cartoon was good enough to use two songs. It doesn't even sound that dirty. A lot of the time, it's just silly. I can hear some discoesque music in there. Yeah, porn was big in the 1970's.

I was about to say to myself that I had heard this before. It's just the original audio which is so popular. It was great to hear this music again. I can see why it was used in 6 entries. You really did bring something original to the song. There are many variants of it.

It really does make it a happy little song. I guess the actual song is more bittersweet. It moved so smoothly. It was hard to tell when it really began or ended. Then again, that might just be because I'm so familiar with it.

I do in fact recall this. I don't, however, remember it from "A Slice Of The Action". Wait, it was probably "Misinterpretive Porn Star". It's great that you used such an awesome song in two awesome submissions! Of course, you're so great it's hard to imagine you doing anything wrong. It does build up drama.

It just reminds me of those two awesome cartoons you made. It's, of course, still great on its own. It does make me think about a prehistoric era. That actually was featured in your cartoon. Wait, did I just give away the ending to that?

This is freaking amazing, Rina-chan! I can recall most of these voices at least. This is the best voice demo reel I have ever heard in my entire life! It makes me feel like the dumbest person alive for submitting a voice demo reel of my own. You have the most beautiful voice on the Internet! I fully mean that!

It's great to hear an audio submission that's just your voice. I heard some Naruto stuff in there. In fact, there seemed to be a lot of anime voices in this. I love your seductive voice. I think there's an MLP voice in there or something or maybe it's just the same voice you've used. You are freaking amazing!

Looking back, I probably should have given Chuck's New Tux the full score. I do really love this score. It's mostly because it fits the actual cartoon so well. I fully appreciate how wacky it is. It's all the better after you've seen the cartoon. It works out so well in the end.

Wacky music often works. It's weird how other entries have used this. I would think with the title, it couldn't be used for much else. Well, I imagine that stuff happens all the time. It's a nice, uh, pleasant song.

I loved this song! Its main appeal was really how graceful it was. While not special, it didn't need to be. It was simply a nice, short music piece. It really does make you think of meadows. Well, maybe not so much dancing, more frolicking. That's a weird word, frolicking.

It reminds me of when I used to play the piano. Hey, I still have that piano! Well, what were we going to do with it? It only seems repetitive because it's so short. It's a nice little song.

You're simply that good of a singer! I don't even know if I've ever heard such long lyrics on any audio submission. That's really why it's so appealing. I have never played the Elder Scrolls games. And they would have yet to make their most popular game. It's great to just hear your voice.

It is a little different than your current one. Thank you for including the lyrics. It's hard to come up with a best part. Maybe when you throw in that random guitar rock. You really know how to sing and I can see why it came up in later cartoons. It's easily your best audio submission.

This worked so well, mostly because of how soft it was. I only admit that I would have liked it if it got a bit louder. It's still great to listen to. It's nice to have such a pleasant song. I had no idea this was from the Spider-Powers cartoons. Then again, I might be thinking of another spider cartoon here.

Medly's such a funny word. I think it's supposed to have an "E" between the "D" and "L". It's nice to have something so upbeat. It seems weird this would be in a cartoon about powers of any kind. It's great to hear such pleasant tunes.

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