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Here's another great piece! I don't think I've seen the exact cartoon this was in. It's still great to listen to. It seems like it was more upbeat than a lot of your other songs. I always appreciate you trying something different. Then again, I don't remember most of your songs.

It seems like I may have heard your voice in koit cartoons. Is that your voice being used? Anyway, this was kind of scrambled up, so it was hard to come up with a definite theme. It is pretty graceful. I can hear the hip hop, but it's still your own unique style.

This was a little too long, but still great. I could have sworn that I heard this in one of your cartoons. Whatever, it's just great to listen to! It's great to hear how this just builds itself up so well. It seems like it wasn't as dark as a lot of other stuff you did. You just made this more of a steady beat.

It still comes off as surreal, just not that frightening. I appreciate your style. It does get a little redundant. It's still a good enough tune to make you listen for six minutes. It's sort of victorious, I suppose.

Dude, this is one of the most amazing songs I've ever heard in my life! It started out like it was based on the theme music to "Breaking Bad". It then slowly went into other things. It was like a metamorphosis of a song, while still being faithful to its roots. By "roots" I mean the overall tone. The voices at 6:31 are a great touch.

It really gives off a feeling of wonder. I could tell that it was made to sounds like walking in a desert. You get a good Middle East tone in it. That's a great way to create an adventurous tone. You deserve to be popular with this. You are simply a very talented artist.

Waterflame responds:

Thank you, I really appreciate it. :)

This music is extremely ambitious! It doesn't take long to get right in on the action! My only complaint is that it's a little too repetitive. It's still wonderful to listen to. This is truly heavy metal! I can just imagine people constantly playing their instructions. It even builds up to a nice pause at the end.

That can be useful when listening to this as a loop. It must be cool to look back at all the stuff you made. It certainly led up to something good. Some great action game could use this. It's pretty popular, at least compared to many other songs I've reviewed.

rtnario responds:

Hmm, well I did try to change it up with some melodic variations and added instruments XDD And well, that's exactly what I'm doing now, a year after your review. Thank you!

This is yet another great song. I will admit that it's kind of weird. It seems like it's pretty happy at first, but eventually goes sad. Hey, I guess that's what the title means! It certainly seems like something from England. I think I can hear some Legend Of Zelda in there.

Granted, that's probably just because I'm so used to hearing LOZ music. I was confused as to why the submission wasn't shown here. It says it was heard in 1 entry. Oh, maybe it was unfortunately deleted. It's a song with a lot of heart and emotion.

Troisnyx responds:

Just for the record, there is a new version of this in my audio submissions -- I'd love for you to hear it and tell me what you think! Thanks for listening to this one by the way. <3

This is freaking fantastic! It's so hard to go wrong with this. It's simply because it's the classic Mario theme done in the style of a concert. I don't know if that's the same as a concerto, though. I feel like I can just see you playing the piano in this. I have a piano at home, too.

It's also great to know this is the first of many parts! I guess the audio portal has a limit on how long a song can be. The longest I heard here was ten minutes. It's great to hear so many of the Mario songs here. It was a great idea to put them all together in this. Mario and piano music forever!

This song sounds pretty familiar. I know it isn't part of any submission I actually saw and reviewed. I must just be thinking of the game it came from. I could also just be reminded of the audio program used to make this. I mean, I've listened to so many songs here! I like how it had a good adventurous tone to it.

While not that whimsical, it's still lots of fun. It even seems to have a funky jive to it. It's simply a fast paced song. It didn't seem as electronic as other songs like it. That made it more unique.

Here's another great song! I really can't believe that this was used in submissions by the KK! I mean, they're not known for high brow stuff. This is wonderful, because it shows off a good sense of childhood innocence. Wonder seems to be another theme. It's another song that's great from the very beginning.

It shows off great transitions in the latter part. There's some good hope in it, too. It seems like something that would be played at a Renaissance festival. It still sounds modern. I think I can hear some voices in it.

This is an absolutely amazing song! I really have no idea why it is isn't more popular! At least it was fortunate enough to be featured in some entries. This is really a song that tells a story. It seems like it's talking about the hard things we go through in life. It still manages to get better, which is when the song got softer.

Yeah, I don't know the actual intention behind this. It just came off as something really spiritual to me. It's simply a delightful song from beginning to end! It's hard to say it gets better as it's always awesome! I hope you were going to say something significant. That's how this song came to me as.

TheRealSam responds:

Wow, thanks a lot mate! Much appreciated! :)
I have to confess that I never think this deep when I compose music, it's mainly a matter of emotion to me, and I'm more than glad that this song managed to create such a profound reflexion and feelings to you! In my opinion, music is one of the best way to create athmospheres and emotions, which can dramatically from one person to another.
Yet your interpretation is, I feel, just perfect! I couldn't have put better words to explain what this music makes me think about myself!
Thanks again for your review mate! :)

I really loved how soft this song was! Length is often important. I felt like I felt just the right kind of grace from this. I'd love to hear this in something. I really do like how slow everything is. It does get faster as it goes along, but it never stops being graceful.

There's a wonderful use of the flute in this. I don't know what this has to do with Donkey Kong. Well, I haven't played the games enough to know. It makes me think of a beautiful meadow. It's great how songs can make you feel so good.

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