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This was a wonderful song! My only complaint is that it wasn't that original. I still love it because of how it's in such high spirits. This is exactly the kind of thing you'd hear at a Renaissance festival. Then again, I haven't been to many of those. It's so uplifting.

It makes me think of joyous dancing. It just makes me think of joy in general. Well, not the Almightyhans comic. It just has no end or beginning. It flows so well within its length.

Yes, this was a wonderful song! I am starting to think of Danny Elfman the more I listen to this. It seems like "Alice In Wonderland". Then again, I don't think he did the music in that. Did he? I also freaking love this title!

I have it confused with tarantula. Actually, I think it might have gotten its name from that. This is pretty demanding music. It sounds like a banjo at first. In fact, there seem to be numerous instruments here, like the tambourine.

I thought this would be something related to Captain Planet. Then again, I don't think "Enter" was ever in the show. Well, I didn't watch it that much. Anyway, this really is awesome! I really am getting the feeling of something bright and colorful. It could have used a little more variety, though.

It sounds more like something from a kid's show than a video game. Well, there are kid's video games of course! It's great to hear a new song from you. You have so few of them. It has a good sense of adventure to it.

DESHIEL responds:

Oh you were talkin to Hanz

Wow, this is an absolutely beautiful song! I am so glad to have come by it. This is a shortened version? You rarely find songs that are over five minutes long. There must be a time limit with audio submissions. It's just satisfying music.

It builds itself up so wonderfully after time. It has a great sense of wonder and awe. I agree that there's lots of range in this. It's wonderful to hear something so graceful. It's hard to keep my interest for something this long, but it worked all the way! It really is a song that just has everything.

NickPerrin responds:

Thanks for the awesome review! I appreciate it!

You can find the 8-minute version on my account as well to hear it in full!

Happy 2 million pageviews! I don't think it's referring to this website. I do think that this could have been better. It's not great in its raw form. It's still nice that you acknowledge all the stuff you've done over the years. Uh, Happy Valentine's Day?

Now, it's Pico Day. That's probably a better holiday here. You have a fairly good singing voice. I just think it's better spoken. Congradulations on being Happy Harry's favorite audio submission!

At first, I was thinking that this was similar to the pokemon theme. Or some pokemon music. It seems to be more like "Final Fantasy". Whatever it is, it's quite fun to listen to. I do think it's a little too short, though. While not unique, it is satisfying.

It's easy to recognize the electronic style. It probably was something you completely made on your own that wasn't in the style of anything. Well, maybe the movie "The Room". It's nice battle music. That is of course the theme.

Was this using actual sound footage from CWC? I think he should be mocked. I just don't find this too appealing in itself. It was basically just some random sounds. Still, I will give it credit for being original. It has a fairly good length too.

It got a bit too repetitive. It was still fairly original. I guess I agree with what most voters thought. It's not memorable, but certainly not bad. Did he really strangle someone in real life?

I have heard of Aspberchu, just like I have heard of Sonichu. Of course, there's no way this could be worse. I have Aspberger's myself. I am not offended by this. You weren't making fun of people with it, just the comic. Granted, I don't know much about the comic's story. You think I read that crap?

I love your voice here. It's in a nice mocking tone to the comic. It deserves to be mocked. Even the part at the end wasn't really annoying. While I haven't read this comic either, it seems appropriate.

This wasn't great, but it was watchable. Er, listenable? If that become a new word, I want credit for it! Anyway, it's nice how soft this is. I felt it was a pretty good length too. I was wishing for a little more variety.

It's still fun for what it is. It seems like you had fun making it. I don't know what the F's are for. I hope that isn't some curse cut short. It's actually quite appropriate for me right now as it's a Sunday.

I guess I'm not used to hearing video game music from you. Wait, what am I saying? You did tons for Armed Prophet. This just struck me as something that was more old fashioned. You've never worked with sprites or anything. It does seem to tell a nice story.

I'm glad you tried something different. You have certainly worked with a lot of styles over the years. It's sad you haven't done an audio submission in years! It's a pretty soft song. I guess it's just more suited for a game.

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