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It's been too long since I've heard a song here with lyrics. Okay, English lyrics. It's a very happy song. That's probably what makes it all the more entertaining with what the song actually says. It's certainly the most upbeat apocalypse song I've ever heard. Yeah, it beats "The End Of The World As We Know It".

You have such a good singing voice. I love the use of trumpets. It was also nice to include the lyrics. I probably wouldn't have known this was a song about the apocalypse if not for that! It's just that it's so happy sounding!

As the longest song I've heard all day, it's wonderful! It's so nice that you keep up how good it is. This seemed like it had a pretty dark tone to it. I guess that's to be expected with a heavy metal song. I love how it keeps more extreme at 0:25. It's just so rapid with the drum movement.

That or whatever instruments are used. Most heavy metal is fast like this. I liked the occasional softer tones that appeared in this. You wanted to make something unique. That's great, because there are a lot of heavy metal songs here.

I generally don't care for really short stuff, but this was really quite impressive. It didn't make me think of a playground. It made me think of a casual video game. It could be used in like a Mario cut scene. They don't have that much plot. Maybe it could appear on a loading screen.

I really do appreciate how graceful this is. You didn't have to be fancy or anything. You just showed devotion to what you really cared about. A 4.99?! Okay, now THAT'S the highest score I've ever seen.

Grandvision responds:

Thanks, as for the score, yeah, no idea what is going on there. :D

I really do love this song! I think it's strongest point is how soft it is. It still manages to have a lot of pizazz in it. I don't know why, but it seems like this would be in a Kirby game. It just seems familiar in that way. There could be a tad more variance.

It works that it's only two minutes long. It's a very easy going song. I don't hear a lot of electronic songs like that. It does seem to inspire dreams. It's like music to put you to sleep.

Dude, this is the highest rating I've ever seen on an audio submission! It's a whopping 4.89! Granted, it doesn't really have many votes. I'll be glad to give you another 5. I think it's wonderful how you put together all these different sounds and remixes. I've seen animated demo reels, but never an audio one.

I can definitely hear some Invader Zim in there. Dang, that was a great show. I think that might have been my favorite part. You still put in your own unique style. The second one was probably the most electronic one. It reminded me of video games the most.

What?! This only has a rating of 3.59?! I have listened to tons of songs recently with much higher ratings that weren't as good as this! The voice in this is absolutely fantastic. It shows off a wonderful amount of grace. It just sounds so beautiful!

I'm just going to assume it's Japanese. The actual remix part is wonderfully done too. This Katskatchi person is wonderful! You really have a future with great work like this. It helps that it's four minutes long. It needs that long to give off its message.

Lucid dreams are an awesome topic. This song does seem pretty dreamlike. Then again, anything of any kind can happen in a dream. I just love how well this flows. I seem to have forgotten traditional dubstep. There wasn't that much electronic style in this.

It was only like that at some moments. It's great to hear something so triumphant. I don't know if I've ever seen such a high score on an audio submission before! Ah, I probably have at one point. This is completely deserving of it. It's quite peaceful music.

Dang, another fantastic song! This one works so well because it lives up to its name. It's not even so much galaxy, as just wonder in itself. You can never go wrong in that. I especially love songs that go on this long. You always have good stuff going on.

It does seem to put you in a trance. Maybe that's why I like it so much... Anyway, there's always no parts to this song. It makes you think about the wonder of the Universe. Galaxies are some of the largest things you can think about. Wonder shall live on!

Well, this certainly made me think of the oriental. I think I can remember this song from the game. I guess you can't really describe bamboo that well. This song did a great job of making me think of majesty, though. I think it could use a bit more variety. At least it isn't too long.

I really can recall the game now. I'm glad this is played the whole way through. Well, look to my review of the actual game for more detail in that. It seems like a lot of piano music is used. That reminds me of China.

This song was simply one of the best I've ever heard! It's mostly because of how soft it is. You still manage to experiment with some different styles as it goes on. It's hard to even think of all the instruments used for this. Is "Solus" a misspelling? I doubt it.

It gives off such a wonderful feeling of peace. At the same time, it has a lot going on to peak your interest. It was great to hear every single key. There was so much love put into it. Sullen things are great as you have shown. I'm so glad to have reviewed this.

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