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I love this, if only because it has such great nostalgic value. I didn't own a Nintendo 64. Of course, we all knew someone who did! You got the song down just perfectly. It's so nice to hear something so positive. You just sound like you're having so much fun with this!

It's great that you show such strong emotion. I can just see Mario as drawn by you. You have been most known for your Super Mario RPG remix. Well, that and the "Brawl Taunts" series. Whatever it is, I had a lot of fun with it.

So this was used in Sonic CD, huh? I've heard about that game. It's too bad that, once again, I haven't played it. This certainly seems to do it justice. It's really cool, because there are definitely different voices being used in this. It's nice how you remix all that.

You are certainly good at imitating sound effects. I don't think there's any of them actually used here. We've all done stuff like this before. It's weird to have a vocal electronic bit. It works great for you, of course.

I am very impressed by this! It's weird, because Sonic 2006 is hated so much. I heard the game of Sonic Boom was even worse. You know how to show such strong emotion. This seems just like conversation that would be in the game. Well, it is, I just don't know about it.

You have awesome background music as well. It seems like you got more well known for goofy stuff like "Go, Go, Parody Rangers!". It's nice to know you can experiment with all kinds of things. It's a great whisper.

It's great that you're getting into this acapella stuff again. It is all done with your own voice, right? You have such wide vocal range. I guess I'm just more used to Banjo-Kazooie music from you. Well, they're both about large animals, I guess. I'm fairly certain they're in the same Universe too.

It's great how casual this is. You really do know how to put everything in stride. Any fan of video game music can enjoy this. The tone is nice and consistent. The length was great too.

I was fairly familiar with the Tiny Toon Adventures cartoon. I never had the chance to play the game before. So that's where that MUGEN sprite came from. It's great that you were able to recreate so many sounds. I thought this was much better than your previous audio thing you did. It's much longer and obviously has way more variety.

Waterfall Stage was probably the best part. You really know how to be goofy there. When looking up TTA, I often found this. I guess I like both! It's great to know there's a great game adaptation.

I didn't find this to be one of your best. I guess I just thought it was too short. At least you claim it's something that was new for you at the time. I don't specifically remember this music. Then again, I might not have played the original Donkey Kong. I can definitely recognize your voice.

We've all done stuff like this before. It just isn't that original. It does work well as a loop. It's hard to tell when it stops or begins. You always make good stuff.

This is a truly ambitious song! I think it's one of your best! It makes me wish you still made stuff here. Well, there was that new song. At first, I thought this would be like something from Banjo-Kazooie. It actually was, but I didn't recognize it until I read the description.

The buildup was simply amazing. You know how to make such joyous music. You really get a sense of victory with this song. It can apply to a lot of things. You're great with mashups like this. You should really do more!

This is probably the lowest rated audio file I've ever seen. I mean, it's just a brief voice clip of you. It doesn't even sound like a good voice. It definitely doesn't sound like you! I guess that's a positive? It's certainly new for you.

I guess it's a little funny. It's just that you have done so much better. No wonder people hate my audio submission! It's just one voice! Yeah, I'll never be a voice actor. You're still great.

I agree that this isn't one of your best audio submissions. Of course, it's still much higher rated than mine. I did, however, like how you included the script. You usually just have that for the lyrics of a song. It seemed like you were announcing yourself at a con. Come on, I bet you probably are like that!

I thought you said some pretty funny things. It just wasn't enough for a voice demo. It was far too short. There wasn't much in terms of promoting yourself. Well, it was tongue in cheek like that.

Yeah, I could tell it wasn't Kirbopher singing. Of course, I could also tell it wasn't Psyguy. It's just great to hear this nice voice. You really know how to keep yourself up with this beat. I couldn't tell if it was meant to be a parody of Mega Man. You know, with the Man name.

I guess there are a lot of guys like that. It's funny how random the swearing is. It seems like most of us can associate with it. There's definitely a lot going on. I love a song with so much energy.

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