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I've been listening to so many songs, it's hard to find really original ones. Maybe I just thought that because this was used in one of my favorite games. That must be where I heard it from! This still isn't bad at all. It mostly works because, well, it was in one of my favorite games. I just didn't really take the music from it.

It's nice to have easy listening in an adventure game. Well, I guess it wasn't really an adventure game. Anyway, it's still a good tune you can listen to. Not great, but good. It does come off as medieval now that I listen to it more.

It's amazing how you don't even have any of your own submissions to put this in! It's just a great song by itself. I don't seem to remember this being in any of the actual cartoons. I do appreciate how it seems to fit the tone of the cartoons. They are quite memorable.

There's definitely the technological element in this. It takes a few seconds to really start. You have shown so much ambition with this series. The actual cartoons are better than this, though. It's still great that you submitted something about them.

Yep, you made yet another great one. I imagine you aren't allowed to submit all your audio submissions on one day either. It was simply great to hear the last theme. It does sound a lot like robots. Then again, it could be more of a general monster thing. It's nice to know you covered so many monsters with your game!

Again, it truly sets up a wonderful sense of adventure. I am beginning to understand the mechanical overtones now. It's a great sense of going on a great journey. I'm glad I got all of the medals for that game! It's worthwhile just to be able to listen to all of this!

This is just amazing! I love this song because of how vibrant it is. I know virtually nothing about the original. It doesn't matter. It seems like this could belong in an animutation. Yeah, I wish people around here still made those.

There's just so much action going on in this. The robotic voice works perfectly. It's definitely what I expect from an electronic song. It's still unlike anything I've heard before. It's ambitious, adventurous, and tons of fun! I imagine it would have taken a lot of work on your program to make this.

Uh, Happy Veteran's Day, I guess? This certainly sounds like aliens. Specifically, it does remind me of the 1947 incident. It does quite a bit for being only a minute long. I appreciate all the different sounds. The weird way of using the human voices is especially impressive.

I still don't quite remember this from the game. You'd think I would, I got every medal from it! It's great to hear it in its raw form. There will always be other sounds going on. It's good to know you worked so hard on this game.

This was a great song! For some reason, it vaguely reminded me of Indiana Jones. It seems like this would be the music playing when he was running from the rock or something. I appreciate the variety in it. It's simply a cool song. I really appreciate that last bit at the end.

It was great to have that in something so short. I can just imagine the guitar being played. Well, I don't know that much about musical instruments. It's great for anticipation. While short, it still manages to be epic.

Remember how I said the menu music was the best you made? I have changed my mind! I am just amazed at how I don't remember this song from the game! It's freaking fantastic. It really does give off the feeling of zombies. It helps that there are those great vocals at the beginning.

It's weird how a one minute song has such significant vocals! It just gets better the more I hear it. I should probably go back to this game. This is enough to get anyone pumped up! All this music was so worth it for the game. You are a wonderfully ambitious person.

I thought this was really good. I will admit that I was quite turned off by how it just went silent for the last two minutes. I thought there might have been something wrong with my laptop. I guess I'm glad there wasn't. It was just great to hear that triumphant music. I should at least remember it from a game I played recently!

Happy Pico Day! No seriously, it's Pico Day at the time I'm listening to this. Everything just sounds so wonderfully grand in this. You get a great sense of being in the middle of action. That's what a good song should do.

When I first came across this, I noticed how short it was. I thought to myself, "this can't possibly be great". I am so glad I was wrong! You really managed to get so much action in such little time. It certainly sounds like boss music. I can just see the character now trying to dodge attacks while this is playing.

Unfortunately, I don't exactly remember this music from the game. It's great how you don't make this loop tiring. It does have a lot of variety in the short time it, well, exists. It's great to know you worked so hard for this game. Oh, I just set a new record, 46 reviews written in one day!

Well, it was weird to see that thing pop up on the screen. There was this new thing I saw where you can change if there's visual data or something. I don't know what that's all about. Anyway, this is a great song. It flows really well and doesn't really let anything down. I appreciate the great use of drums.

It just seemed to be well paced. I like these voices. I probably have heard this in one of the entries. It gives off a good dangerous tone. I can see why it's used in so many epic things.

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