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I really did like this, but it had a flaw. I was hoping the whole thing would be a music video. I really did hope it would be another song with lyrics. I was thinking maybe it would have the characters start talking. It's still wonderful. The first five minutes couldn't be topped.

I loved the art shift too. The colors were just fantastic. I loved how fast paced everything was. Gildedguy should have his own section. Does he?

Where's the brewstew logo at the end? I really did like how I could kind of associate with it. I was on a teeball team. I don't think we actually used tees. I'm pretty sure it was just a regular baseball team. I got HiC too!

I personally never cared for sports. I just think sports is kinda dumb. Not my brother on the other kind. I don't remember that team very well. It was better than this.

That was wonderfully animated! My only complaint is that it was too short! Half the cartoon were the credits! Anyway, this was still really nice. I was invited to a Con by Tom Fulp once. Pity how I just missed him.

This website is obviously a huge inspiration. I'm not one of the most prolific reviewers here for nothing! All the characters looked so authentic. It's a pity I'm poor. I can't afford to even buy anything from this website.

That was really funny. I loved the goofy animation. It fits the tone so well. I admit to not having played most of the newer games. I see them being played on Game Grumps all the time. I noticed you referenced them at 2:09.

Dang, it's been an eternity since JonTron left. I loved the ending too. It might help that my avatar is based on Link. Well, now I'm Archer or something on TOME. I just love how the jokes keep going.

Great! It's funny because I just heard that Crash Bandicoot will be in the next "Super Smash Bros"! I really do wish there was a real anime. I imagine it's hard to adapt something based on a massive crossover. The "Kingdom Hearts" manga was pretty bad. Hey, maybe "Kingdom Hearts" characters will appear!

Everything looked so wonderfully slick. The running time was great too. Well, for an intro. I wasn't expecting something this good looking to appear. I think the latest game set a record for most pop culture references in anything ever!

That was wonderful! I just loved how surreal it was. I didn't look at the name of the creator at first. I can easily tell it was you of course. You seem like John Kricfalusi, only nice. The colors are great.

I'm surprised this only has a 3.56. Maybe most people are just too used to your work. I will never get used to it. It seemed like this was about conspiracy theories with the dollar bill. Loved the live-action bits too.

Wow, that was cool. I liked seeing all the pedophiles. You forgot Jimmy Savile! He had literally forty times as many accusers as Michael Jackson! Weird how you seemed to find a pedophile teacher okay. Isn't that homophobic?

Anyway, this has great artwork. You remind me of that other guy, other with better drawings. You have a great speaking voice too. I'm glad I never had to deal with this. I don't remember most of my teachers.

That was interesting. I know what it's like to get older. Well, everyone does. I just turned 30 this year. I'm still disappointed in myself. Your artwork's still good.

Well, I hope you can draw yourself well. How was this a music video? Well, I guess it was for the majority. They can be plot driven. That's a lot of sponsors, but it'll never pass "Mighty No. 9".

Why wasn't this rated A? You can see some of Jill's nipples. I really do wonder what happened to her clothes. I mean, the snake isn't shown spitting them out or anything. This was still very funny. The animation's so good.

I didn't know Jill was so hot! Well, you made her that way. For something short, it's very effective. It's so nice. You know how to be effective.

I saw the movie today and that's why I'm reviewing this just now. The movie was just okay. This cartoon was pretty good. It's hard to judge something so short. Don't worry, the Sonic movie won't be better than it. Well, they are rechanging the design.

Robin Williams was an actual comedian and so was Gilbert Gottfried. The fact that they got actual comedians to do the voices make the movie all the funnier. The delivery wasn't nearly as good. Short stuff can be good. I just don't this is worthy of that high score.

I am one of the most prolific reviewers on this website and even on the Internet! I am proud to be such a huge fan of this website!

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