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I loved this if only because I have seen Butch Hartman's channel. I'm aware of the controversy surrounding it. Hey, at least he wasn't on Metoo. Nowadays, that's a compliment. The animation was great. Certainly more than Butch Hartman's style.

Okay, I do think he's a talented artist. He can do questionable things of course. Betcha Bill Maher would mock him for his religious decisions. So might Doug Stanhope. Or Jim Jefferies.

Absolutely wonderful, as I expected. I've been waiting for something Satina related for a long time now. It's my favorite cartoon of 2020! I did kind of want to see Dave. This is still incredible. Actually, I saw another Satina short about a glass of water.

Satina is as adorable as ever. Lucia is as scary as ever. I really do love their relationship. Many people wonder how she and Dave had her. The animation is absolutely amazing. It gets so much better with Lucia.

Hmm, didn't care for this at all. I mean, it's too predictable. We all know he's going to hit something. I didn't know it would be that graphic! Well, that bit was unexpected at least. The music was just fine.

You probably shouldn't make submissions so short. It's usually frowned upon. You know at least a really good joke for it. Birds would crash if they used cell phones. Texting too.

Easily the best in the series! I have always liked this cartoon, but not this much! The best part is probably the crisp animation. Seems like we're getting some really good stuff lately! The colors are gorgeous of course. I haven't see enough episodes to understand it fully.

I didn't know it was going to be a rap! Well, not entirely. I appreciate how these characters are just exploding with personality. I know see the true potential of this series. I don't see how it's experimental. It deserves its score!

With the title "short film" I knew it would be something good! That's pretty much a given. I admit the CGI can be kind of goofy looking. It's a little too bulgy. It's still definitely a good cartoon. It kind of looks like Miku Hatsune.

It also reminds me of Mewtwo. Seems like white than silver. I like how we have no idea what's going on. That's usually interesting. While not great, certainly good.

Anton51 responds:

Thank you for this review! I can see why it may seem bulgy since the anatomy of the characters are a stylesd alien species. The Miku reference feels a bit of stretch. Tbf I wish I could've given more context as to who the agents are and who the long eared character is. Just that I was more focused on the mechanics rather the story, which I will look in to. It's my first time working on an animation like this, and I am learning on how to make it better.

Those surprise cameos were pretty good. I admit this wasn't that good. The last half kind of lost me. Then again, that might have been because I didn't watch them at once. Still, I'm not your biggest fan. If something deserves to be cancelled, it should.

I'm really not a member of any movement. I vote, but I don't think that counts. I don't even think most people even do that. I wonder how Foamy would look with a mouth? He might get one eventually.

That cartoon was very nice! I've kind of been following Doug Walker's "Dark Toons" and this seems like it would fit in! It seems to be aimed more towards kids. Even the title's nice. I love how there's no dialogue too. The opening was impressive too.

The colors work great too. It's always nice to show expressions without dialogue. Hey, know you won't have to translate it! It can be viewed by all language speakers! I can feel for this character.

Aww, only Daily 2nd Place? Well, I guess it is technically one of your lesser submissions. It's still great though. I'm so used to popular stuff on this website being crude or violent. I'm of course glad this is different. Then again, maybe it's why I can't follow it very well.

Anyway, this is still wonderful. There's so much emphasis put into the voices. Due to how my webpage was set up, I thought it said, "Horrible" instead of "Humble" at one point! Nice to know you talented people are still here. You always put depth into these characters.

I honestly liked this. It was by no means good, but still kind of nice. It's probably because of the unique animation style. That never really does get old. I liked to see The Penguin as an actual penguin. Batman not as a bat was fine though.

The music was pretty nice. I can always use something different. I wasn't expecting it to get bloody! It just seemed too goofy at first. You can do more with this app, I'm sure.

Of course I'm giving this the full score! This is probably the highest rated cartoon I've ever seen here before! I was just amazed at how beautiful the animation was. It seemed just like a typical anime. It just had Spongebob characters in it! I loved all the references to the episodes.

It makes it fit just like the show! Then again, I stopped watching after Seasons 3 or 4. It was still a wonderful tribute to the late Stephen Hillenburg. I knew you were working a long time on this. Boy, does it show! I don't even need to ask that it was using real Japanese.

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