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I got a message from CyberDevil saying that I shouldn't worry about Clock Day declining. There's more here than there were last year. I'm glad to know you guys are still around. This was a pretty good Clock Day. I had no idea this would be an anthology film. I'm used to seeing "Collab" in the title.

Well, the title was still a dead giveaway. You used a lot of music from old cartoons. Well, old as in from the early 21st century. My favorite might be the password one. Happy Clock Day 2019!

Wow! I thought this was just going to be the same as the original, but with different effects. That's mostly what the remake was anyway. Granted, I still like the remake. Well, not that much. This was still much better.

I kind of wish Simba had talked. It still gets it message across. I like how calm it is. I couldn't tell if he was talking about "Dragonball Z" or "Dragonball Super". Glad to know it's "Dragonball Z".

I was a bit disappointed by the opening. I'm glad to know it wasn't the whole thing! It was quite nice to see a Daily Feature winner from our own StrawberryClock. I love your avatar. I think you coined a new term too! I miss the Pube guys.

Why isn't there a Pube Muppet collection? There'd certainly be enough cartoons to fill it up. Then again, we don't even have a "There She Is!" collection! Happy Clock Day 2019! Again, sad to see fewer submissions every year.

That was a nice soft little video. Couldn't you have just made it an infinite loop? Then again, you did change it. You know, with the time. I'm glad this wasn't just a D. I just you could say the original was a "B Movie"!

Yeah, had to make that joke. The graphics look nice. It's nice to know you guys are still around. May Newgrounds live forever! We've certainly gotten some great material from you guys.

I admit that I have no idea what YouTube premium is. I am going to conclude that it's like what it says. I'm not interested in it either. All I know is that those ads can be annoying. I really do love how defiant this kid is. I wouldn't pay for this.

I'm in a real financial crisis. Well, I shouldn't pay for stuff anyway. The animation was great! It's amazing how much you get in in one minute. That guy might be a pedophile.

Kubbs responds:

Thank you for your comment!
YouTube sharply tries to sell their new feature, that is mostly overrated for it's price. Other thing that bothers me is how obnoxious their demeanor is combined with annoying marketing techniques.

PS. That guy might be bad, but he is not a pedophile, for sure :)

Yeah, I had gym class too. It was easily the class that I got the highest score in. Yeah, that joke was already used in "Happy Days". Wow, that show really is timeless. Anyway, I do remember square dancing. We used "American Pie".

The song, not the movie. They have no connection. I had a much more pleasant experience than you. Of course, I'm sure you exaggerate things. I doubt someone's pelvis was really broken.

That was pretty good! This is the first submission I've seen that had a story. It seemed typical of you Clocks. Congratulations on being the thumbnail too! I don't know who chooses that. Why is StrawberryClock purple?

Wouldn't they have aged? I mean, maybe Peggeys don't. I don't know their biology much. I can get used to Newgrounds Player. It was weird to see the lack of a running time bar.

MatelOl responds:

Well, pop art style. Happy clockday!

Why is the rating so low? Well, I guess it's not that low. It's just the lowest one for this year's Clock Day. I was actually impressed by this. You really did show 100 Bs. I should have known there'd be a bee in there somewhere!

I think this averages to about three per second. I think that's a pretty good rate! Nice to know we still have Clock Crew members here. I've never heard the term "Clockimation" before. You may have coined a new term!

WaferClock responds:

I want to take the time to say that you are the reason I like reviewing movies. I somewhat admire the time that you put into every review and that you’ve been doing it for as long as you have. Thank you for being a staple to the portal and thank you so much for the kind review.

For a little short, this was great. I did miss the main characters. Wow, weird how that series has developed continuity. I mean, it's literally nothing but people being killed. I don't understand why some have yellow blood. Oh, I can just look that up somewhere.

I love the sniper shot. The music is as great as ever. I saw this win Daily Feature before I saw it under new content from my favorite cartoonists! It's just that popular.

I loved this! I wasn't expecting much at all. True, it was short, but it knew how to get its delivery across. You really did create an amazing and beautiful world. I loved that tall monster at the end. The colors are gorgeous.

You tell so much without words. All you need to do is show. We probably need more CGI on this website. I had a feeling that this was your first movie submission. You did have games though. Welcome to Newgrounds, pal!

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