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Happy 29th birthday! I wish I was in as good as a position as you. I don't have a job. Well, not one that I go to anymore anyway. We all have to deal with this virus. This cartoon was quite down to earth.

That probably makes it better. I now know what it's like to wear a mask. I'm 31, so we're kind of close. Well, everyone's really close here. Maybe that's not the right thing to say in this time.

I think this is your longest episode yet. Nice to know you still occasionally post episodes here. I loved how it's rated E. I mean, you usually have more mature stuff. Well, it is about babies! That's appropriate.

We all need humor nowadays. It seems like the animation has really gotten better here. I didn't know that about the USPS. It looks like Trump will lose this election. Thank you babies!

That was a good cartoon, but not one of my favorites here. I just think it could have been longer. Was she in love with herself? Well, obviously dopamine according to the title. When she crashed at the end, I was afraid it would get a lot darker. I'm glad it didn't.

This was definitely creative. I liked the colors. They did seem kind of off sometimes. Still worth looking at. I know what it's like to lack dopamine.

MarcoCardenas responds:

Thanks for the feedback buddy, I'll keep those thoughts for future projects!

Yes, there's finally a section for NOX! I had no idea that was even the character's name. Where's the COV-19 collection? I do love this style. Is this done with rotoscoping or something? If not, it's really good CGI.

I support gay marriage! Well, I don't know how much I'm surprised to agree with you. Or this guy. Stupidity will sadly never die. I thought it would be a music video at first. You know, with the guitar.

That was very well put together! I didn't know it would be that dark. Well, at least it wasn't porn. I do appreciate how good these drawings are. My only complaint is that the credits were too long. At least it wasn't "Mighty No. 9".

Yeah, look that up. The music was great. "Teletubbies" deserves to be mocked. Seriously, I'd rather watch Barney. That baby's face looks like the one from the show. Some people have made this comparison.

Hmm, I must admit I didn't think this was one of the best in the series. It's mostly because I wanted more action. You know, a big epic battle. This series is so goofy it probably doesn't even matter that much. This may have had the best animation in the series. I was surprised this had an ongoing story.

That's always a plus in modern cartoons. It's been hard for me to keep up with it. It's just that bizarre. The world inside the squid was easily the most creative. You deserve your recognition!

Hmm, surprised this didn't win a medal. A positive one, I mean. I knew that meme was getting old. So glad you acknowledged its age. I just find the animation so good. I love how Anakin looks at the audience.

I was waiting for Obi-Wan to appear. You didn't even explicitly mention midi-chlorians. A shame "The Rise Of Skywalker" is less critically acclaimed than this. Looks like Mike Nelson has a new pick for worst movie ever. Yep, he said it was "The Phantom Menace" once.

This is a fantastic cartoon! I have to admit I wasn't expecting something that wonderful. The best part was easily the fantastic animation. I admit it got a little predictable, but I didn't care. It was still freaking beautiful! I'd love for this to become a series.

Your first submission?! Maybe the best of its kind! It didn't matter that it was only two minutes. It still told an amazing full story! I already feel like I'm getting to know these characters. I love the Boom (For No Reason) joke.

I saw this on the portal when it was first submitted! Happy Clock Day!

AKA-38CAUTION responds:

Thanks mate!

I was quite impressed by this movie! I knew it couldn't top the ThorClock submission. You know, that one was a solid HOUR long. This is actually probably much better. I loved the different art styles. The story was interesting too.

It was kind of hard to follow, though. Happy Clock Day 2020! It's always great to know you guys are still around. There's so much going for you all. I take it it's all a reference to the coronavirus?

PhantomCat responds:

reference to the what now?

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