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This was absolutely incredible! I realized that I hadn't seen every bit portrayed in this. I had seen so many YTPs, I thought I saw them all. This might set a record for most different art styles of any collab! I can see why it took months. I loved the "Peanuts" shift.

It's amazing how something so stupid can create something so beautiful! I mean, the dialogue was awful! I kept expecting it to rhyme! This is something you could watch forever. I'm glad so many people were united to make this. I could only hope to count all the segments.

That was definitely good. I just didn't think it was one of the best cartoons out there. I did love seeing the animation. That was honestly probably the strongest part. It's been awhile since I've seen that movie. It's not quite one of my favorites.

Still a fantastic movie. I can remember most of it. Loved the shout out to "The Incredibles" at the end. There is the theory they're all in the same Universe. Possibly confirmed.

At first, I thought it was weird how you just showed the same image. Satina is simply that cute of course! I just see her turn pages all day. Not that I wouldn't rather see Lucia... I loved the comments too. That was what really made it funny.

I loved the joke about Dave banging the Queen of Hell. EVERYONE'S been wondering about that. Let's just assume she has a small vagina. Or Dave has a huge penis. Or the easier answer and Lucia can just change sizes.

Hmmm, well it was animated well at least. I was hoping she wouldn't rape him. Well, she'll no doubt rape somebody. Weird how you started out with no introduction. Should've put that one up first. At least it had plot.

Well, I do want plot in most of what I watch. I wasn't expecting this to appear on the top of the portal. This didn't even appear on the front page? Wow, good for you! The Internet is still porn.

Dude, I had no idea this would be so good! I know your cartoons are short, so I didn't think this would be that good. This seemed long! I mean, you just kept showing character after character. Amazing how much you did in such a short time. You deserve recognition.

I'm assuming most of these are canon. I know at least some are. It's hard to keep up with the massive amount of video game characters going around nowadays. You certainly did these characters justice. You tell so much in such a short time. I thought it would be humorous, but it's wonderfully serious.

That was odd, but very funny. I knew we'd get something good out of the intro. I do love doing that. You know, with the names. I was inspired by "The Amazing World Of Gumball" to name characters Mybutt. You can get a lot of mileage out of that joke.

Maybe it should be rated A because it shows closeups of bare boobs? Then again, those could just belong to a fat guy. The sounds were good. The ending was a little abrupt though. Still good for laughs.

I'm impressed at how prolific you are. I was confused as to when the credits were shown. I was afraid you were going to just show a bunch of credits. So glad you didn't do that! Orange is my favorite color! A pity nothing rhymes with it.

It was quite unpredictable. You knew how to put a different spin on every joke. It's nice how it abruptly ends too. We really have been getting some great stuff lately. I'm not looking at you, illwillpress.

squeakytoad responds:

Thanks, Ericho, always appreciate the thoughtful reviews!

Kind of weird to promote another website, but still this is great! I guess I was expecting more of a collab. It seemed to just be one style. It's still very impressive. It really did get emotional. It's hard to do that with stick figures.

I guess stick flashes will never die. I'm glad, as they are great. Technically, it's stickMEN. Whatever, it's very nice. While I haven't seen them, it definitely seems to be the best in the series.

Not the ideal audience? I loved this! It really was artful. True, it was short, but so are lots of great cartoons. It was so refreshing to see something so experimental. Those are probably better short.

I'm glad you make it clear you don't want to sell anything. Well, nobody here really does. I'm glad it's a loop too. That fits the material well. It's a very interesting little cartoon.

Bingleheimer responds:

Great I'm glad you enjoyed it!

True most artists simply want their ideas to be recognized and appreciated.
I've posted something similar and received negative feedback but you're right I shouldn't jump to conclusions :)

I appreciate the feedback! Thank you.

This came off as very real to me. My brother struggled with grades too. I admit it did get kind of too silly at the end. It suddenly seemed like an action anime. I appreciate the animation of course. It was weird to end with drawing Zuko.

Still, it's a nice drawing. The grades were higher when I was younger. Good thing I was a good student! I don't mean to degrade you. Exaggerated, but still great.

SarlechFROST responds:

Thank you for your input. Zuko to me represents rising from failures and mistakes. That's why I drew him. And you are right...the end kinda got cringe bit hey I'm sticking to it 😅😅😅

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