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That was just one joke, but damn, was it funny. I didn't like the sped up sounds, though. Was that supposed to be a foreign language?

Okay, that was definitely a good cartoon. It's just hard to give a perfect score to something that sexual. I mean that's what the whole thing is. Still, it's beautifully animated. Yeah, lots of beauty in this. The best one may have been the breast expansion.

I love those cute little avatars that appear. The other characters were uh, pretty cute too. At least it had no nudity. Still, it had stiff nipples. You are very talented.

Hmm, this got better as it went on. I will admit it was weird with the title. Shouldn't Chapter 3 be about Episode III? Anyway, it's a very funny cartoon. I especially loved the jokes with R2D2. The tape bit was the best.

At least it got front page. Hey, Jar-Jar had little of a role! Just like all the other movies! The voices were quite good. It follows the movie faithfully, even if many people don't like that.

squeakytoad responds:

Thanks for watching. This parody series plays out like a Disney origin story for Anakin - episode numbers don't match up to the Star Wars movies. Thought about dropping the numbers but figure it helps folks watch them in order.

Wow, that was amazing! I honestly think the rating should be a lot higher. Well, it's already really high. It's still amazing! I just love the animation! I admit to not being into "Splatoon" at all! This was great no matter what.

I at least recognize the character designs. I know it involves squirting of some kind. I was afraid something only a minute long wouldn't be that good. You do give them personalities in such a short time! All great cartoons can do that. The time was worth the effort.

I admit that I'm kind of tired of all these Elon Musk flashes. Late? Dude, there's like a dozen still on the front page. I still enjoyed this. The animation could have been better. I know it's not supposed to be that great.

It still had a pretty good message. Please make a coronavirus collab. It was set up really weird. It wasn't until a third that it showed the title! Well, weirder flashes have been made.

I find it funny that you had to mention Disney at the end. They really do own everything! At first, I thought this was something old. I mean, it seems like a pretty obvious thing to do. Legos are so popular nowadays. I really do like this animation.

Dang, there's not much besides that to say. It's still great to watch. The designs look just like the characters. We rarely get CGI here and it's nice to have some. I wish I had steamed hams.

Holy crap, you actually won an award over Warlord-Of-Noodles! Anyway, this is a great parody. I admit to not having seen this movie in a long time. Well, I haven't seen a lot of movies in a long time. I loved the "Spirited Away" reference at the end. Great to have that music as well.

You have such a cute animation style. I'm glad this wasn't too crude. I can tell you're a fan. Right? It can be hard to parody something so beloved, but it can be done.

Nice to see this series again! Of course, it would be nicer if I could follow it. I really appreciate the animation once again. I loved seeing that monster at the end. Why'd it have to end?! That was when it was really getting good!

The beginning was the best. I just like seeing the animals more and not the humans. Wait, is that bad? I don't want to join PETA. The voices are as graceful as ever too.

You look like the guy from Smosh! This was quite unexpected. It truly was a unique design for these cartoons. I'm so glad to have come by it. Even if it doesn't get well know, it's a good cartoon. I know how hard it can be with a plane.

It's nice how you deal with more mundane problems. Pico had a nice cameo. A pity I'm not more familiar with your work. At least you got some trophies. It's just a very slick cartoon.

RareKirby responds:

If you want to see more of my crap check out my Patreon. You don't need to support to check out. It's really the only place I can post my stuff in lol. Thanks though lol. PICO! I had to include him lol. https://www.patreon.com/RareKirby

Cyranek? Are you the same as Cyriak? You know, the guy who makes those trippy videos? Anyway, I was actually expecting something kinda dumb. The thumbnail sure made it look weird. I loved the animation.

I guess it did get kind of guess. This website certainly turned into Elon Musk World! I haven't seen this many popular submissions for a jam in a long time. Well, score at least. Please make a coronavirus jam.

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