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Gee, I wonder if this will win Daily Feature? Anyway, this was incredible! I'm just amazed at how beautiful this looks. Um, not Adobe herself. That would be gross. This is probably your best in this series.

What series is this even called? Who cares, it's incredible. It just has beautiful atmosphere. I mean, you could go on all day about this amazing world you've created. It's hard to do so much when it takes place in just one room. I'm glad I don't have this relationship with my bad computer...or I hope not.

The meta jokes were easily the best part. I admit to not having experiences like this. I'm old enough to drink, but I really don't. Anyway, it was nice to hear of a story when you were older. Umm, I hope. We don't have any Father's Day cartoons here!

I already celebrated it with my dad. I did call him though. I do wonder what other people you know think of these cartoons. Eh, your budget probably couldn't afford to get them. At least it's a living.

I thought this was good, but not great. The animation was just amazing. It just got a little tedious. Still, there was some variety with the different people there. I can understand why it was ranked high on this jam. I admit to not being your biggest fan, JohnnyUtah.

I love how you mention his hatred of vaccines. Everyone should get shamed for that! Eh, could be worse. Some of these images were pretty scary. Don't put such scary stuff in these comedies!

Yeah, I couldn't get into this at all. I can see why the rating's so high. At least three people faved it! It was far too short. I mean, the animation wasn't good either. It did get into the collection.

It wasn't satirical or anything. Hey, this was submitted on my birthday! Elon Musk sounds like a perfume. I'm glad he didn't do anything amazingly awful to warrant this jam. Well, he always does.

Castle-Cartoon responds:

Yup, i don’t know why everyone rate my animation good. It’s just a kind of cheap animation just made for fun if even my animation get a prize

How was this a comedy? It seemed like a straight up horror cartoon! It was still great. I keep hearing about Elon Musk everywhere here. Hmm, I can't seem to find anything in the news about him that's THAT significant. Oh, there's an actual Musk Jam.

There should be a Coronavirus jam! Anyway, this was unpredictable, even at the end! The dark colors were really scary. It truly is an effective cartoon. Hopefully, the virus will get to him.

Stradomyre responds:

Maybe HE IS the virus...

Aye I'm glad it affected you in that way >:D I love horror comedy and I'm glad we could deliver. Thanks for watching!

Why do I always have to be eating when I watch stuff like this? I mean, technically the animation is gorgeous. It's just really disgusting. So I guess no one wins? I thought it was "Chubby Bunny". Well, that's the least noteworthy thing going on here.

The voices were great too. It just isn't something that appeals to me. It's probably because of the length. No, I don't want to mention length here. Uh...Happy Easter?

I admit to having no knowledge of this fox character. I assume she's a character from Spyro. I mean, that's why she's having sex with Spyro? There is a lot of crossover porn. I'm sorry, but I really can't get into porn that much. It's a lot more disgusting than it needs to be.

Well, everyone does seem to love it. I guess you deserve credit for that. Should I be expecting plot? That seems to take more effort. It's at least well animated.

Well, the animation was really nice. What's with Raven and Starfire appearing in such much porn? It seems like a freaking law now. I love how "Tribute" has quotes in it. Yeah, not really a tribute, eh? I guess I can appreciate some of it.

I'm just not into porn. Well, maybe a little. Cartoons like this don't do it for me. At least there's some good stuff going on. I do love "Teen Titans".

I thought this was really funny. I've been hearing a lot about Elon Musk lately. I admit it wasn't that great at first. It quickly got funnier. I thought you'd make a joke about the pill being drugged. Well, everyone's already made that joke.

Loved the Miss Piggy bit. The animation was great too. People are talking more about Mars. Well, the Earth is pretty much in ruins now anyway. Even the last second has a joke!

I thought this was great! Hey, no mention of the corona virus! That was surprisingly uplifting! I had no idea this was going on in the news. Well, I knew about the riots. They only focus on negative stuff!

Well, most entertainers do. Weird how it isn't consistent which episodes you submit here. I don't really care. I love the real footage shown. This may be your longest episode yet.

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