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I'm impressed at how prolific you are. I was confused as to when the credits were shown. I was afraid you were going to just show a bunch of credits. So glad you didn't do that! Orange is my favorite color! A pity nothing rhymes with it.

It was quite unpredictable. You knew how to put a different spin on every joke. It's nice how it abruptly ends too. We really have been getting some great stuff lately. I'm not looking at you, illwillpress.

squeakytoad responds:

Thanks, Ericho, always appreciate the thoughtful reviews!

Not the ideal audience? I loved this! It really was artful. True, it was short, but so are lots of great cartoons. It was so refreshing to see something so experimental. Those are probably better short.

I'm glad you make it clear you don't want to sell anything. Well, nobody here really does. I'm glad it's a loop too. That fits the material well. It's a very interesting little cartoon.

Bingleheimer responds:

Great I'm glad you enjoyed it!

True most artists simply want their ideas to be recognized and appreciated.
I've posted something similar and received negative feedback but you're right I shouldn't jump to conclusions :)

I appreciate the feedback! Thank you.

This came off as very real to me. My brother struggled with grades too. I admit it did get kind of too silly at the end. It suddenly seemed like an action anime. I appreciate the animation of course. It was weird to end with drawing Zuko.

Still, it's a nice drawing. The grades were higher when I was younger. Good thing I was a good student! I don't mean to degrade you. Exaggerated, but still great.

SarlechFROST responds:

Thank you for your input. Zuko to me represents rising from failures and mistakes. That's why I drew him. And you are right...the end kinda got cringe bit hey I'm sticking to it 😅😅😅

That was really funny! I was afraid it was going to be too short. I mean, you could have had even more jokes. Then again, you did say it took long to animate. I have to appreciate you for putting so much effort into it. The best joke was easily the last one.

I'm not that familiar with these characters. You have already won tons of awards. It's great fun seeing the action too. It just moves so fast it's hard to keep up with. Not much to do with burritos. The colors are gorgeous too.

mattyburrito responds:

thank you so much! I definitely need to improve on pacing, timing sequences like that. Will keep working to get better and make the actions clearer. As well as the burritos.

Wow, I was really wondering what was going on here. I mean, I couldn't tell if this used original characters or not. Whatever it was, it was definitely amazing. I'm glad the credits revealed it was from a game. Maybe it was a game you made? No, I just read the author comments.

I always have loved games like that. Never seen a full blown cartoon about it. The animation was gorgeous. These were some really weird characters. That made it all the more interesting. So glad you made a tribute to such a great looking lesser known game.

ChipsGoWOAH responds:

omg yeah, im glad you liked it, yeah making the original designer happy made me really happy, i also love the characters from the game cause its all very light hearted, the world might be covered by darkness but they still take their time to play on the beach, and kims sole mission to get girls was funny to me, i really like these characters and im glad i could portray them in a way that others would like them as well

This was a great cartoon. I just didn't think it was the "greatest" cartoon. I kind of expected more action. It's still amazing. The sprite work was gorgeous. It seemed like all or mostly original characters.

You have to appreciate originality. It has a nice heartwarming feel to it. Don't worry, arcades are still around. Thanks for paying tribute to this great website. It's certainly been a huge part of my life.

stevenm1988 responds:

It does have a weird balance to it structurally, doesn't it? The plan was to create the beginning and end of the films first, get them out of the way and allow more time to work on the big montage of heroes. Unfortunately there were 20 seconds I didn't manage to get everything done for, so they had to be cut out. I'm working on sticking them back in since we're over the deadline now, and it won't count towards the contest judgement (only the original upload qualifies). I don't think the addition will greatly help the overall balance, but it'll be nice to say "this is how I intended it to be".

Wow, a Daily Feature only 17 seconds long?! It was still worth it. This was an amazing cartoon. Everything has boobs in it nowadays. At least it wasn't adult. The machine's design is fantastic.

Hard to say that much about something so great and short. The voice is good too. Imagine a whole cartoon like this! Well, one more than a minute long. That's a whole cartoon here, right?

moikaloop responds:

I am shocked that this got a daily feature haha

Wow, that was quite impressive! I really had no idea it would be that good. Well, I know you're a very talented artist. There's just so much that happens in less than a minute! The best part is probably the animation. Well, there's no dialogue.

It would be that by default. This was part of a collab?! It really is impressive on its own. You live up to your name. Nice cat.

Miccool responds:

Wow, you're still here? I remember you reviewing my old stuff like a decade ago haha.

I'm glad you liked it and I appreciate the kind words. Hope you're doing well and yes, it's a nice cat.

That was a good cartoon, but not one of my favorites here. I just think it could have been longer. Was she in love with herself? Well, obviously dopamine according to the title. When she crashed at the end, I was afraid it would get a lot darker. I'm glad it didn't.

This was definitely creative. I liked the colors. They did seem kind of off sometimes. Still worth looking at. I know what it's like to lack dopamine.

MarcoCardenas responds:

Thanks for the feedback buddy, I'll keep those thoughts for future projects!

I saw this on the portal when it was first submitted! Happy Clock Day!

AKA-38CAUTION responds:

Thanks mate!

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