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Wow, you usually make such good cartoons. This was just way too short. It showed a cat being killed or at least horribly injured! Don't hurt cats. Well, it is just a warm up. I just expect more from one of my favorite cartoonists.

It was at least interesting, I suppose? It needed sound. You really shouldn't make a whole submission for this. That's more for like a demo reel. We need to see more of those.

marciano responds:

Thanks for commenting
A lot of people didn’t like the violence I didn’t mean anything by it
I love animals dogs and birds are my thing
This was just a practice run , getting familiar with the App
Once I had the cat meowing I didn’t know how to end it fast
The shoe came to mind and out the window it went
I’m working on something a bit longer and Unfortunately with a little violence towards birds
But in Gotham city you can’t avoid A little violence

Wow, I did not expect this to be so good. I mean, this was freaking amazing! You create this big beautiful and surreal world. I'm glad it was all a dream. I will admit that I wished it was longer. I wanted to see more of that beautiful world!

Still, it's an amazing cartoon. Easy to tell it was a collab. I mean, no one person could have made all of this! I just have to watch it more to understand it. The pacing is still great too. I sometimes wish all great cartoons were their own series.

Wow, I first saw this under judgement. In the moment I watched it, it got passed! I don't think it's quite one of your best cartoons. It just needed more satire. It's still hilarious for what it is. The animation as always was great.

I guess it's something more down to earth. Well, as much as these can get. The end was especially the most relatable. It's just fun. We're all at home now.

Hmm, that was actually pretty insightful. I thought this would be something about the coronavirus. Then again, there has been much racial tension too. You still put more effort into your rants than Pat Condell. Seriously, that guy sucks. I wasn't even aware of this style.

I admit that I can separate the artist from the works. As crazy as Mel Gibson has been, he's a good director. I'd rather mock someone like Uwe Boll. Well, both of them are born in this idea. I had no idea the singer of Judas Priest was gay.

I liked this because of the animation. I know some of these cartoons don't have that much action, at least not as much as most Madness flashes. This was still amazing because of its running time. The action was good for how long it was. I like the little details put into everything. I like their head shapes.

They're more realistic. Well, nothing about their designs is realistic. It's still put out well. I was afraid it might be boring. The buildup is quite good.

I thought this was quite funny. It was actually weird seeing that little 7. I thought it was like a top 10 list! Or I guess, a Top 7 list. The animation probably could have been better. It was at least good for what it was.

The cat joke was great. There must be a game where you can play as a cat. I don't even need to look that up. The setup was pretty good. It's basic, but it's still fairly unique for a cartoon here.

Axelstation responds:

This was a small idea I wanted to keep on the simpler side for time sake. I appreciate the feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

That was pretty good, but not great. I admit to not knowing much about Undertale. I mean, I've certainly heard of it. I don't need to be a fan to know "Deltarune" is an anagram for "Undertale". The fight was just nice. I wasn't that emotionally invested though.

I'd have to be more of a fan. Still, it was good for what it was. The designs could maybe be better. I know you're just using the game designs. Well, maybe animated better.

Aww, we don't have a 4th of July collection! Happy 4th of July! Or rather, 5th of July now! I loved the flag in the background. You know, with how it said 50X. It would be too time consuming to use all fifty stars.

I'm glad this wasn't sexual. It was just cute. Not cute as in sexual. Even during these times of the virus, we should be proud to be Americans. Well, more glad.

Okay, originally I was thinking that I would be mad that we got another Elon Musk cartoon. We've had tons already. I was happy to say this is my favorite of the series. That was before I realized that was Joe Rogan. I watch him a lot. Now the marijuana joke is even better too.

The black jokes were great. It's probably the best coronavirus cartoon I've ever seen. There should be a jam about that. Now the comedian jokes are funnier too! Hard to make fun of something like "Rick And Morty" when it's so much of a parody in itself. Rogan thinks man never walked on the Moon, so he's not a skeptic at all.

That was awesome! Anything with a title like Motorcat is going to be good. I love the animation. It really is built up well. I guess I was hoping for a bit more action. It's still great. I especially love the punchline.

Cats are just so awesome. I miss my cat. He's very old. I like how even your avatar shows Motorcat! A cat Transformer!

coltenseamans responds:

Agreed, cats are great, and our cat Babs was the inspiration for this because she always purrs while zooming around.

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