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Aww, only Daily 2nd Place? Well, I guess it is technically one of your lesser submissions. It's still great though. I'm so used to popular stuff on this website being crude or violent. I'm of course glad this is different. Then again, maybe it's why I can't follow it very well.

Anyway, this is still wonderful. There's so much emphasis put into the voices. Due to how my webpage was set up, I thought it said, "Horrible" instead of "Humble" at one point! Nice to know you talented people are still here. You always put depth into these characters.

I honestly liked this. It was by no means good, but still kind of nice. It's probably because of the unique animation style. That never really does get old. I liked to see The Penguin as an actual penguin. Batman not as a bat was fine though.

The music was pretty nice. I can always use something different. I wasn't expecting it to get bloody! It just seemed too goofy at first. You can do more with this app, I'm sure.

Of course I'm giving this the full score! This is probably the highest rated cartoon I've ever seen here before! I was just amazed at how beautiful the animation was. It seemed just like a typical anime. It just had Spongebob characters in it! I loved all the references to the episodes.

It makes it fit just like the show! Then again, I stopped watching after Seasons 3 or 4. It was still a wonderful tribute to the late Stephen Hillenburg. I knew you were working a long time on this. Boy, does it show! I don't even need to ask that it was using real Japanese.

That didn't have that much going on, but boy was it hilarious! I was really afraid he was going to end up liking it at first. Well, I do love "The Ultimate Orgy" here. Look, that was good satire! I'm glad you're back! Then again, Matt did die immediately.

What an ironic way to start! Boy, were you topical! You know, with how the calendar said August 2020. It must have been made fast. I'm glad I didn't see any fanservice.

I certainly enjoyed this. I will admit the lyrics could have been better. They're not that good. It still has great sprite work. I can always appreciate that. Nice to know some styles will never die out.

I know "apotheosis" as being from the title of a Madness cartoon. I believe it means the making of something holy. I don't think this was that holy. The individual designs were fairly unique. Glad it wasn't too long.

X-RL7 responds:

Thanks for watching, the first full episode is available our channel

Well, I indeed liked this. I just didn't think it was great. I mean, it seemed to have stilted animation. It just didn't flow that well. Still, it's definitely worth checking out. The colors are probably the best part.

It was definitely cheesy action. I feel like we got some good personality out of these characters. Not easy in something short. The voice acting was good too. It was definitely goofy too.

I liked this. I really did. It just could have been better. It's because really nothing happens. It's just showing a wide shot of the city. That's great by itself, but it shouldn't have been so long.

It still looks wonderful. I kept waiting for the cartoon to start. It's definitely beautiful and worth looking at. I just want to see the whole thing. The colors and music are great too.

Wow, this was really impressive! I don't think I've seen any of your submissions before. A pity, as they look great! I will admit that I don't know why this a comedy-parody. I mean, it looks like everything is played straight. Well, I don't think it matters. This is a great little short.

I am not that familiar with The Witcher. I've heard of it, though. It's a beloved game, which I all I should know. Everything is just so beautiful looking. Hope it gets recognized!

Zagradak responds:

Wow thank you so much, this whole post brightened my day!

4.28? That's way too low! I thought this cartoon was amazing! I mean, it was nothing but high style and energy from start to finish. I noticed that freeze frame bonus at 1:34. Pause it yourself to find out!

The colors are just gorgeous. Even in universe, they're meant to be gorgeous. There's tons of stuff going on for something only 2 minutes long. That can't be easy. I even feel bad for the protagonist at the end. Like any other great cartoon, I can see this becoming a series.

This was short, but still very fun. It helps that you're such a good animator. I always appreciate how goofy everything looks. I'm not that much into "Sailor Moon". I still know enough to get the joke. I've seen some of "Sailor Moon" and thought it was good.

The bit at the end with the robot was funny too. I take it this is part of a collab. This was actual dialogue from the show? That makes it even funnier! Even parts are great.

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