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Yeah, I guess a bat is kind of like a rat with wings. They are both mammals! I knew it wouldn't end less than half way in! You didn't fool me! Well, the running time's stated of course.

This was quite funny for what it was. I admit I've never had this experience. I have had to deal with wasps. Or rather, my dad did. A nest to be precise.

That was really funny. The animation especially made it really good. I knew you'd reference the angel line. The Nostalgia Critic mentions that all the time. You'd think an angel killed his mother! I like how it's being told from Darth Vader's perception.

I never really looked at the racial implications of this film. I was pretty young when I saw it. At least you didn't reference the poop joke. That's another thing the Nostalgia Critic never shuts up about! Everyone makes fun of George Lucas.

That was a really cute little cartoon. I was afraid it might get gross. Well, I'm just used to that. I'm glad it was rather pleasant. The animation was really goofy. That's how it should be.

The voice was spot on. I'm at least familiar with "Luigi's Mansion". Really, everyone's familiar with all the Mario games. I guess the Luigi games in this case. I'm glad it got recognition.

This was much better than I thought. I will admit that it had one major flaw. It wasn't animated well. Still, it's a good cartoon. I love getting into these philosophical ideas. We all know what this is like.

Everyone has their own beliefs. Maybe you could have mentioned opinions? Of course, that's just my opinion. That is also my belief...I suppose. This was interesting.

Rokazulu responds:

You are most correct, opinion and belief are simply different ways of saying the same thing.

How is the rating only 3.25? I loved this cartoon! True, it's not as elaborate as some of your other cartoons, but still great. I never had a dog. I have had some cats. In fact, my own cat is close to dying as well.

There was so much emotion put into this. We need more heartwarming stories like this. I could probably never witness a pet dying. This seemed like one of your most personal cartoons. Well, most relatable.

Raziberry responds:

This one has been in the back of my mind since the series started. Feels good to get it out. The low rating is just cause people hate being sad I guess haha!

I admit this didn't seem that good at first. I mean, it was just a single joke. I'm so glad it got better at the end. Short things can be great. Everything seems to get a higher score as time goes on. That's why I miss these when they first appear on the front page.

It's just so creative. I wasn't expecting any of it. Poor stone. That really can seem like an obvious joke. Glad you were the first to come up with it.

Wow, that was brilliant. I admit that it got kind of annoying after awhile, but certainly got better. My favorite bit was how it ended. All of these were bits. It kind of reminded me of "Is This What You Want?". I do think that was better.

The animation was fairly good. Not perfect, but it fit the nature. It was quite interesting to see so much going on. I'm glad it wasn't too long. It deserves its Daily Feature.

You spelled Newgrounds "Newgrouns". Anyway, this was still a great looking cartoon. I thought "Final Step" was one of the best cartoons ever made. I love this series as much as anyone else. It needs its own page here. This looks really dark.

It kind of reminds me of Zootopia. I love that movie! Well, everyone does. It's amazing you could continue something that had such a perfect finale. It can still be done.

You still put more effort into your videos than Pat Condell. This did at least have some variety. It was nice to see all those characters together. I was really afraid something sexual would happen. Oh, I think that all the time on the Internet. The animation wasn't bad.

It just didn't have that much point. I wanted something more poignant. Well, it got a high score, so that must mean something. Dang, I really didn't think she'd eat it all. Well, this isn't meant to be realistic.

Wow, I hadn't expected this to be so edgy. This was some pretty graphic stuff. The penis was pretty scary. Well, I'm just used to penises being used in stuff that has no plot. This was still great. Dang, that's a lot of naked boobs.

Well, I guess on pigs it's not that graphic. It was just really insane. I'd expect nothing less from you. Don't worry, I'm poor. I don't use much gas anyway!

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