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Hmm, that was very odd. I appreciate how it was at least unique. I mean, it was completely nonsensical. I liked getting those medals. I need to stop saying that. The goofy animation was really funny.

I'm not a fan of "The Last Of Us". I believe it's about zombies. I'm just going to compare it to "The Walking Dead" because that's something I really have followed. It's good to have a silly game like this around. Congrats on your high score!

It could have been more detailed, but it was still great. I was truly impressed at how wild this was! It was a really unique game. I had no idea where we'd go next. I liked the gameplay. I had no idea it would be that hard.

It really does escalate fast. Thank you so much for a medal at the end of every medal! It wasn't easy at all! Well, in terms of number of buttons pressed it was. It's still good to play.

This is a great game, but I admit I don't like the controls. It can be very frustrating having to press Q,E, and Z all at the same time twice to superjump. I wish it was just one button. Still, this is a great game. I just love how it looks. It seems like a callback to classic sprite games. We do that a lot here.

I like this protagonist. It's just a very cute game. You deserve your high score. I remember "Bonkers" as the name of this one cartoon. Heard it was bad, so I never watched it.

I liked how topical the game was. I just didn't think it was that good. It was mostly just the same thing on the same screen. I couldn't get into it that much. I'm glad I could get past some zones. I didn't know how some people died.

There was just a tombstone that appeared out of nowhere. I'm not interested enough to care. We do need games like this. I hope there's a coronavirus jam. It seems inevitable at this point.

kikill responds:

Happy to see you play our game again, Ericho, after our five-year hiatus from NG!

Yes, I inserted four middle levels in response to players' feedback on how steep the initial difficulty curve was. That's smoothed out now but you have articulated a side effect which did worry me earlier. Will weigh in your comment in the next update.

Indeed this game came out of a corona virus jam -- it's called Jamdemic 2020.

Let's talk in PM.

This certainly looked good, but it was just too big. I thought I could open it in a separate window. I'm just not into these kinds of games. I want something with more standard gameplay. It's still a very nice looking game. The sprite work is great.

It's unique for its premise. The sounds are good too. It just doesn't have the pacing I'd want from a game. I could get ahead if I really wanted to. I just don't.

Yeah, I didn't care for this. It was just too bland. There were almost no colors. Was the guy supposed to be Pico? It was just too boring. I know that was the point.

I can see why this has the lowest score for this jam. I have played worse games. At least it taught me some patience. Oh, the guy's name is Bob. At least that's what his shirt says.

Well, I'd have to say that this was my favorite game in this jam! I admit that I'm stuck on one level. It's when you go to the big blue block on top of the lava or acid or whatever it is. It is fun to see a character blow up all the time. Even the design's neat.

It really is a unique game. There needs to be some coronavirus jam. It's just inevitable. We've all been indoors for awhile now. The sounds are good too.

Oh, so I guess that was it. It was literally just one level where I just got into the shuttle. I do appreciate the graphics. I like that parasite guy. Well, it's hard to see it clearly. I do recognize it.

It's just because "Half-Life" is so popular online. I don't remember the original game. Oh silly, just look it up. I didn't care for it. Well, this still looks better.

This was a lot of fun! The graphics were great too! I wasn't expecting that much out of it. I only really play games to get medals. I like how much variety it has. It took me awhile to realize you couldn't jump.

Even the medals look cool! Well, I never paid much attention to them before. Good thing in one level it ended before I could die. Maybe I would still win? This is just enjoyable.

I have to admit that I wasn't very impressed by this game at first. I mean, it was mostly minimalist at first. It really escalated on just the second level. I thought it would gain like thirty seconds on each other. Instead, it pretty much doubled. It was hard to understand at first.

That purple disc confused me. I thought I was supposed to protect IT. I'm not really that much into music games, but this was a lot of fun. I'm glad we can still make creative ideas. It's pretty interesting.

HealliesGames responds:

The idea was to press the right mouse when the game tell it.
But yes, the bomb in that way seems more like a game object.

Really appreciated the feedback, despite you're not a fan of music games. Thank you!

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