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Yeah, I couldn't get behind this. Don't think I didn't notice the date! It seemed like you just wanted to submit something not that good on Clock Day. I mean, it's just a bunch of pictures. They're not even that good. What happened to the third bear?

I guess it's not that story. I did like finding out what would happen next. I'm normally not into point and click adventure games. I just think they lack interaction. Well, they literally do.

Happy Clock Day! I always know when these dates are coming up. I think this might be the first time I actually unleashed something in Newgrounds Player! It seems kind of slow. Well, slow as in when the medals came up. I got all secret medals except one.

It's always sad to see fewer and fewer submissions on Clock Day. Stupid YT! It may have been too simple. Well, I understand that's how this crew started out. To think we've come so far with Dress Up.

Little-Rena responds:

It is sad to say, I could, and so could many, easily just fill the portal with stuff, but I'm not sure how appriciated that would be!

I was impressed at how much I got into this game. I lasted 5 days at the most. I was quite impressed by how hard it got. I was wondering why he was being attacked by Ns. I now realize those are Zs. It's hard to tell them apart.

I mostly just let one of them be. Well, I doubt I can win the game with that. I had no idea what the game would be like at first with the menu. It's quite odd. While it doesn't have that much variety, I still found it very unique.

I loved this! I don't see why the rating is so low. Well, low for a Daily Feature winner at least. I do wish that they were numbered. It can get confusing where they are! I like how it's hard with its simplicity.

The sounds are nice. It's a calm little game. That is, until it gets hard. I didn't notice those get back things on the top. The screen's too large.

Wow, that was a lot better than I thought. The rating still isn't that high. I really was blown away by the graphics in this. They were quite impressive! I admit the controls aren't that good. This was still pretty fun.

I'm generally not into RPGs. That's why I barely even played it. I just need to know how great a game is by this design. Glad it at least got front page. It's good.

AlexGoldring responds:

Hey Ericho,

Thanks for the review! If you have time - I'd love to hear more about the controls, how I could make them better, please drop me a message.


While not great, this was still good. I had to install the Newgrounds player to play this! Then again, I ultimately had to use another browser, so maybe it was pointless. At least I got to play it. It's been too long since you've submitted a game. It kept me on my feet.

It can get surprisingly hard. There's a lot of people to attend to. It's a pretty cute game. I always want people to be more active here. I'm going to have breakfast right now!

This was a very nice little game. I would tell you the answers to the questions, but they don't want me to do that. Besides, it should be easy. I mean, the questions are the same every time. You can just write down the answers. I admit this was a little bland.

It wasn't that well detailed. Still, it was good. You don't need to be that elaborate. I only got a 7 on my first time! I have tens of thousands of reviews here!

Little-Rena responds:

Thank, the questions weren't designed to be too hard, I did think about giving an answer to them at the end. Making random questions would be possible, but I really need help to think of questions to write! Coming up with quiz questions has never been a strong suit of mine :P

Well, people don't want me to give walkthroughs here anymore. I don't give ALL the information. As usual, this was a nice minimalist game. There were only two rooms at first! I can't get far in this at all. I got one medal and that was it. The music seemed different.

I liked the variety. It's pretty nice for what it is. This should have its own section! Well, I don't even look at sections anymore. I had no idea what the paper meant.

Level 11 is that one level. "Eleven" kind of rhymes with "level". Well, it's spelled the same way. The music's great. I really was impressed at how creative this was. I mean, it's no easy game.

Who would have thought a game about jumping cows would be so much fun? It's a great puzzle game. I always have to time everything. It's so fast paced. Again, complicated for a cow game.

I'm not into point 'n click adventures, but this was great. I especially love how realistic it is. Well, I couldn't get out of my own room. I might mean that literally. Everything just looks so sweet and fluffy. The music's great too.

It appears to be a very relaxing game. Yeah, a computer within a computer! I like meta stuff. I can always appreciate a game for how it looks. It's so subtle.

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