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I got every medal! This was mostly because I was disappointed in myself for lying about missing a day of work. Okay, that's too personal. I did love this as always. I didn't see how an engraving was that different than a painting. I think it's just semantics.

Some of the medals don't match the game descriptions. It was "The Great Wave", not "The Big Wave". Oh, that's too nitpicky. I didn't even realize you could put your mouse over the 3D glasses to see the original painting. I thought I knew more about art.

Hmmm, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this game goes on forever. What a funny coincidence. I was just playing "The Hungry Games" another unwinnable joke game. This was more entertaining. I can still get more medals though. I love those birds.

They look like a pokemon. Oh, who am I kidding? Everything looks like a pokemon as there's nearly 1,000 of them! The graphics were quite impressive. You know how to motivate someone.

Amni3D responds:

Yeah, it's endless.
"they look like a Pokemon"
You should've seen their early design. Straight up looked like Pidgeot :v

Turn the green light on to get the key underneath. Go to the chest and get the knob for the TV. Notice the triangle, star, and octagon on the TV. Open the door next to the chest with the key. Inside, click on the Roman numerals with III, V, and VIII to get the skull. Go to the purse (?) and click on green, yellow, red, and blue in that order for the second skull (holy crap, I did that all on my own!).

Put in 4132 for the green door to get the handle. Attach the handle on the green fridge to get the meat. Give the meat to the alligator. Take the rusty bar from the window. Use the bar to pry open the chest to get the bucket. Fill the bucket with water from the sink (best of these games ever!)

That was quite fun! It reminds me of Q*bert. Yeah, probably a direct knockoff. The sounds were cool too. Nice to have a medal for every level. Level 7 is where I really lose it.

That thing is so annoying. Didn't take a genius to know that thing would kill you. I love the goofy graphics. The colors are cool too. It's just a fun little game.

Hmm, what an odd game. You just click over and over? Not much. I mean, I didn't even get a medal showing up on screen. You are a true underdog indeed! It is just text.

I guess there's nothing terrible. Well, you got front page! At least it automatically pauses. The music can get annoying. Yeah, not memorable.

That was a lot better than I thought. I really did like how you had to figure everything out. You have to pay close attention to everything. I admit I don't like how you earn the medals. I wish you could just get them by completing the levels. Well, it's still a lot of fun.

Z looks like Disgust from "Inside Out". That's a funny design. It's quite unpredictable. I wish I knew how to get to some levels. Not past them, to get TO them.

I was confused as to how I wasn't getting any medals. I know for a fact I list the match and got a card. It's just not working at the time! Anyway, this was still pretty fun. You had a nice area to explore. My favorite part might be the sound.

It suits the atmosphere so much. You know how to create an interesting world. Well, it's just one big house, but that's enough. The sprite work could probably be better. I still support that appearing here.

CjElliott responds:

Thanks for the review and kind words, we will have a patch to fix the medals for everyone very soon :)

That was a pretty good game. I admit I don't know how to get the crawling skill. It says I need 20 Blood. I only go up to 5. I'll have to use more strategy. At least I can get some new skills.

The music's nice too. Congratulations on having the highest score for Ludum Dare 44! Granted, it's still not that high. I can recommend this. I guess I need to start with the easy version.

Yeah, this isn't good. The game is very poorly detailed. The best part is how it's easy to understand. Well, not at first. It's just too dull. It's just you and the same enemies over and over.

They're nothing but circles with letters on them. I wish you could change the music. I can see why the rating's so low. Well, low for the games here at least. It seems to have little effort.

I liked this game, but I will admit it's hard. The best part is probably the mobility. You could have put more detail in it, though. It was mostly just the same images. I'm so impressed with myself. I got no damage the second time I tried the first level!

Second level, not so much. I love how these guys just throw things around. Are those dishes? Dang, there are a lot of enemies! It's still very enjoyable for me.

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