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This was a lot of fun! I'm surprised the rating isn't higher. The best part is probably how colorful it is. Or rather, how colorful it can be. It's like a whole other world when you start playing. I love how complicated it can be.

There's always new obstacles in your way. The music's fantastic as well. At least this got front page. Well, I guess all Daily winners of anything get front paged. It's just a very literally colorful game.

I loved this! Hey, it was released on my birthday! I thought it was just so cute. It can get frustrating. Never underestimate a game that looks simple. The music was great too.

It reminds me of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". Well, this is a hungry worm. It was easy to tell those gray things were bad. They're germs, aren't they? Love how much you can do with such a simple game.

I'm sorry, but I just didn't care for this game. I know I've played a game like this before. I don't remember having fun then either. At least you have a lot of lives. Well, as long as you have energy. It's just not exciting enough to want to go on.

At least the colors are nice. It just isn't for me. The sounds work pretty well. The gameplay just doesn't appeal to me. I'm not really into racing games.

UltimoGames responds:

That's allright, can't please everyone all the time

Ohh, it's a point and click game. Well, something like that. I thought it was going to be a game where you flew a plane and shot bullets. I admit to being disappointed by that. I set up Adobe Flash just so I could play this game! It's still worth looking that.

Well, if only because of the high score. Everything looks beautiful. You don't see much of World War I here. It was unique like that.

Hmm, this game was definitely good. I admit I'd have to learn more about it. It's fairly complicated. I just didn't think it was one of the best made. It still had great music. The graphics are amazing too.

You can always do better. I was at least impressed by the layout. It was great to show that sample too. We need more of that here. I would certainly recommend it.

This game was freaking amazing! I can't believe it only has a score of 3.24! It was one of the best games I've played in a long time. It was just like the old Zelda games. The colors were gorgeous. I loved the different variety of enemies.

You mostly have to just lure them into the sand. Thank God they don't have long range attacks! Anyway, I figured out the secret medal. I guess I won't say it. I love how you get a good clear view of everything. What a wonderful underappreciated game!

KilledByAPixel responds:

Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Adding enemies with ranged attacks is definitely on the list for the next major update. Using sand is a great tip.

Hmm, this game wasn't bad. I admit that it was kind of annoying. You know, with how hard it was. It is better than I first thought. I thought you had to collect all the batteries. You just had to beat the level!

I thought you'd HAVE to collect them all to beat the level. The graphics could be better. It's fine for a quick laugh. I got to Level 5 and that's it. Ha, I knew this was for a Ludum Dare!

I had completely forgotten about Pico Day! The music (songs) were great. It looks like we just didn't have one this year. Well, at least there wasn't a section this year. I appreciated the massive number of people who worked on this. It's great to see a collage like this.

We need more collages. I love how it all comes together. I assume you just randomly press the puzzle button to get the medal? It's great to see how they loosely connect to each other. It's great how it goes on forever too. Sure is great to celebrate literally decades here and Happy Mother's Day!

I was pretty confused by this game at first. I didn't know what was going on. I didn't even know how I was destroying enemies. I managed to get a medal, so I'm not complaining. It was a pretty interesting game. I guess it probably could have used more detail.

It was still fun though. The music was quite nice. It wasn't easy. Well, maybe it was easy at times. I liked how the medals were set up.

ToadieTechnika responds:

The 4 - direction, laser beams from the player allows you to destroy enemies :D

I really did enjoy this game. I admit it got pretty confusing as it went along. Then again, that made it more challenging. The designs worked really well. Yeah, I got a couple of medals. Seems like it would be impossible to keep track of them all nowadays.

The sounds were great too. I thought the pacing was nice. It's hard to keep track of both of them. It is satisfying to see those blobs die. Didn't know that wizard was a woman.

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