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Uh, what? I couldn't understand this game at all. It was just me on a platform that I ran off of. Nothing else happened. It got red. Was that the point?

I guess it was at least unique. I wished it had sound. Well, it got frontpaged. Some people must like it. Good for you, I suppose.

I got to Ice Cube. I managed to free him, but then nothing happened. I just had to die. I didn't know what else to do. I guess it was a unique game. I liked how I could at least get one medal.

It's just not interesting enough for me to try all the levels. It's still pretty playable. I prefer your painting games. I win more medals in them! Yes, that's my motivation.

I thought this game was pretty good. I will admit it was way harder than I thought. That was really easy? I guess I'm not used to these kinds of games. The layout was very nice. I appreciate you making something unique.

The music was alright. It just wasn't too playable. The timer was especially annoying. Well, I don't want to sound annoying. It's a nice little game, even though it wasn't great.

This was a pretty bad game. I just couldn't understand it. It was you putting stuff in a heart. It didn't amount to anything. I would have liked some music. I wish there was more interactivity.

It needed more detail. I can see why this is the lowest rated in the 2020 jam. Well, someone has to be like that. I didn't know how to rotate anything. It just lacked mobility.

I guess the game was at least playable. It just wasn't that interesting. It was just the same image. The design is pretty unique. That's not always a good thing. I guess it's just a standard game.

I can tell it was made in 48 hours. That is, there doesn't seem to be much effort put into it. Sorry. I don't think this jam gave us a lot of good games. At least I'm not bad at it.

That's a rather odd game. I didn't know how to play it at first. It didn't even seem like a game. I thought it was a movie. I wish there were clearer instructions. I guess the sounds were good.

It just made no sense at all. It was at least creative. I guess the layout was pretty good. I got as far as Level 1-2. I didn't know what to do.

I was quite impressed at how elaborate this game was! There was so much movement. I will admit it's not quite for me. It's probably too complicated. You do know how to set up atmosphere. I really do love the music.

It sets up the game quite well. I think this game is too big for my browser. It doesn't seem to fit. Well, I still enjoyed it for what it was. Most people seem to like it.

This was a pretty fun little game. I got lost at Level 10. I bet most people did. While not that detailed, it was still quite innovative. I love how people are always coming up with new ideas. It was very easy at first.

Thank you for so many medals. The beat was really good too. The colors were a strong bit. I liked all the ways you could move. The collecting the rainbow things was neat too.

That was a pretty good game. I thought it was quite unique. It probably could have had a more complicated design, but it really didn't. Level 5's as far as I got. I got a medal, so that's all I care about!

The music was fairly nice. Happy Super Bowl 2020, I guess! It's a shame we don't have a section for that. Well, we're not that much into sports there. It's a nice little way to pass some time.

Yeah, I had to look the walkthrough up. I must admit that this wasn't very rewarding. I mean, you don't get medals for doing so much. At least I could get through some of it. It really is a complicated game. Well, I never could get into point and click adventure games.

At least I know how to get one medal. It was probably too pixelly. Is that a word? Two Hitler games in a row? He really is everywhere.

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