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Okay, that wasn't bad. The main problem was that the screen was too big! I didn't know where I was going! Still, it was pretty interesting. It's great that you made this for a friend's birthday. I hope he or she liked it! It's quite colorful.

The first two levels are completely pointless. I guess they look nice. At least it got front page. It really isn't for me. It's not very rewarding. The music's okay.

Wow, this was amazing! It was just incredible how there were so many levels in this! You could go on forever with this game! I'm so glad there were all these new elements in it. For me, the hardest level was Level 22. You really are motivated to keep on playing.

I haven't seen this many games with so many levels. The music and sound effects are great too. Okay, maybe it could have been a little more detailed. It was still great. It's too addictive!

I have to admit I didn't care much for this. I mean, it was too hard to see. The screen was too big. I really don't like seeing these weird graphics. I guess that's supposed to make the game seem sillier. He didn't look like a pig.

I do like the instructions. That was the best part of the game! They had the best artwork. I guess I'd recommend for people into puzzle games. I'm really not.

That was a really weird game. I didn't know what was going on. It was way too vague to enjoy. Still, it was certainly unique. I do like Lovecraft. I might read a book or two by him someday.

I picked a date. The setup was so strange. Of course I wouldn't recommend it. It's just hard for me to understand. Hard to enjoy a game like that.

You know, this didn't look that good at first. It seemed way too simplistic. It actually ended up being a lot more fun than I thought. It still wasn't great, though. Definitely good. The music was really nice.

I liked the sounds too. You had to use strategy over time. Good thing you could experiment with it. That's what a puzzle game should do. Most importantly, look at your chances.

So I just keep on clicking? Well, I got two medals, so I don't care! There's too many "Flappy Bird" clones to list. These are just too hard! I imagine that's mostly the point. The animation is great!

Or I guess the graphics? Hard to tell what's what. This reminded me of Zekeyspaceylizard. Well, it does appear to be a stone. Those can't be very mobile.

StonesOfAnarchy responds:

Thank you for your review, yes it started out as a messed up Flappy Bird clone that was just supposed to be ridiculously complicated. It also finished as that too.

I was wondering what game reminded me of this. Oh, it was Flappy Bird. I do hate that game. Has anyone ever gotten far in this? It's not rewarding at all. I can see why the rating's so low.

Well, it's not a terrible rating. I just wanted a lot more. I admit to not keeping up with the 2020 election. Eh, I don't need to. Just whoever's going against Trump.

Sorry, but this wasn't that good. It's just too confusing of a game. I did at least like how it was once again, unique. That didn't make it good. I just didn't know what was going on. The movements were so weird.

I just wanted a more straightforward game. At least it was frontpaged. Also, it's the current thumbnail for Phaser Jam 2020. I'm not really into these jams. It's okay I suppose.

dlodz responds:

Thanks for your review @Ericho. The game is a cell by cell movement and I removed the initial grid for a sleeker render. I'll try to keep the grid by default, the movements may feels less weird.
Also I have to explain more the game purpose and add new stuff to make it more fun to play.

Well, at least my medals showed up. Happy Valentine's Day! I admit this was a really unique game. It was pretty puzzling. I didn't even notice the walls were closing in at first. Well, maybe not on the first level.

I didn't even how to escape at first. It wasn't that well detailed though. It could have used more colors. Or should I say color. It's fine for a quick play, though.

Happy Phaser Jam 2020! I really do love launch games like this. Is that its own category here? It really should be. While not as fun as "Kitten Cannon", still quite addictive. The game mostly played itself.

I mean, you just launch the fish and you're done! The controls don't really do much. I don't like having to buy the same items over and over. Thank God the bigger orbs are worth more. I really do love the look on the goldfish's eyes.

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