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Hmm, kind of a strange game. I mean, I got into accidents no matter what I did. Not in real life of course. This was still a decent game. I didn't even know how to type that well. I think I pressed the keyboard in everything.

That applies to real life too. I liked the capitalization. The cars came at me in the opposite direction. That's not the fault of texts. It's their poor driving!

I was quite impressed by this game! I'm glad I played it. The best part was probably how it was set up. Well, I can say that about all games. I have in fact played games like this. It still set me up in a unique world. I'm normally not that into these games.

It's mostly because I'm not good at them. This still provided an interesting experience. Each level was so different. I liked how you could just jump and change direction midair. More games should do that! The background's great too and fits the theme.

I can see why the score is low. This had little going for it. I mean, I didn't know how to play. I pressed the button to stab, but I couldn't seem to damage him. The layout was too simplistic as well. I am still glad you can improve.

You needed to have a much better use of sprites. It was just too generic. At least it managed to make the collection. Do all submissions make the collection? I couldn't even recognize Pico.

I'm so glad this is the most viewed game for this dare! It truly was a lot of fun! It's mostly because you have no idea what's going to happen next. The best part is how there are new enemies that pop up everywhere. You do have to be quick. I don't bother with Dash.

Wait, this is the ten year anniversary of MLPFIM! I should use Dash! Anyway, it was a very unique setting. I liked the different designs. It's all really nice.

Wow, that was driving me insane. I assume you have to have the squirrel take the hat. I believe that was when you were letting the hat fall and not when the bird took it. I managed to do that ONCE. I couldn't the other times. I would enjoy it if I was better at it. I didn't realize I was so bad with timing!

If nothing else, this was at least put together well. I appreciated the stop motion. We have few games like that here. Then again, I'm not good at those. Congratulations on your high rating.

I have to admit it isn't well detailed. I still liked it because it had zombies. It's weird how I'm not into horror movies, but I do love zombies. I can still love how simple it is. The second medal doesn't seem to be working. Oh, it did eventually.

I don't understand why, but whatever. This is the only Madness game I've played for this year's Madness Day. It's odd how it can be addictive. Well duh, I want medals! Still definitely playable.

This was quite an impressive game. I admit it's probably too hard for me to like that much. It was still quite interesting. The best part was how original it was. I admit that it wasn't easy to play with all those enemies. I hate it when they respawn!

I assume I didn't have to do anything special to fight them. I just literally went towards them. I wish there wasn't so much negative space. Well, it's probably used later. Could've had some music too.

What's with all these point and click adventure games on the front page lately? I will always give you credit for following the "Final Fantasy 7 Collab". This was still interesting. I thought this was going to be about the son avenging his father's death. It was unpredictable that way.

The art was fairly good. I'm just not that much into point and click adventure games. Still, it was at least innovative and had a nice story. I uh, got some easy medals. I need to stop saying that. The layout's quite good.

Hmm, wasn't really a game. It was more just of a movie with clicking. Still, it told a good story. I've reviewed so many things it doesn't really matter if I've seen the other installments. This seems good in its own right. Dregg kind of looks like a "Death Note" character.

The drawings and sprite work are really nice. It's hard to get into something so talky. Well, how can it be Part 3 if it's Medieval Cop 9? It's definitely nice to look at. I can compliment on how it's fairly unique.

Wow, that was a very odd game. Or should I say games. It was still amazing! I mean, I didn't even know how to release the plushies I got! I'd think that would be automatic. Still easier than a regular claw machine.

I hate those Flappy Bird games. Again, still easier than the real game. This was definitely elaborate. We're having tons of fancy submissions lately. The layout's great.

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