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Well, I guess the game was certainly playable. The "E" signs were pretty annoying. I really wish I could just go to the next screen. I thought it was a "C" at first. I couldn't understand the Zeppelin. I tried hitting it, but it caused little damage.

What was its weak spot? I guess it was kind of unique. It just doesn't add up to much. You really can use Hitler in anything. Oh yeah, World War's in the title. A pity there's few World War II veterans left.

I was impressed by this game...at first. It just got too hard! I wasn't able to reach all the cheese. It's still a good game. This was for Pixel Day 2020? It just doesn't seem that way.

The music is pretty good. I was really annoyed by how the cheese reformed after you died. At least the mice were kind of helpful. I am kind of motivated to play it. Of course, that's just the medals.

Happy Pixel Day yet again! I did pretty well. I wasn't expecting to see Sheldon. I don't read the author comments, okay? I know a fair amount about flags. I admit I'm not that familiar with South America and Africa.

They're the continents that have the fewest world powers. Africa, especially. The graphics were pretty good. Sometimes there's background events that hint at it. Yeah, I liked that.

I knew your name sounded familiar. It's a pity your games aren't as good as your cartoons. The screen was too big. I couldn't see everything in the game! It was still at least playable, I guess. I just had no idea what was going on.

I gave the green stuff to the first patient. He got better and then what? He didn't leave or anything. I lost my stars. Anyway, Happy Pixel Day 2020.

I thought this was a great game! Well, mostly because I'm good at it. I admit to not being able to go past Level 10. It gets like that eventually. I'm still impressed I got that far in a puzzle game. I think Pixel Day 2020 really did give us some great submissions.

The music's pretty good. I was confused on how he couldn't jump at first. Well, it wouldn't have helped him on the first level anyway. I'm not that much into puzzle games. It's still very fun though.

Happy Pixel Day 2020! I admit that this wasn't much. It was just you seating people. At least it was easy to understand. Aww, I would like to see achievements here. That's what motivates us to go on!

It's a very quaint game. It just isn't too memorable. I think it's at least original. It was certainly unique for you. I'm glad you're still around.

TmsT responds:

When I make my next AGK game I'll see if I can implement some achievements for the cheevo system on Newgrounds!

I thought this game was pretty good. I admit it's not great, as I wish there was more action. Happy Pixel Day 2020! I guess I'm not that good at puzzle games. Still, there's some action going on. The graphics are pretty nice.

It's just not that memorable. The music was very nice too. Wow, these games have a lot of views for something just made today! You should be proud of yourself! The colors are okay.

Fretzone responds:

It was made last year for pixel day 2019. Thanks for playing t

At first, I thought this would take place in like a normal world. I'm glad it wasn't like the beginning. I remember the collab I saw here earlier this year. It's just amazing how you escalate everything in these games. There's an amazing amount of detail put into everything. The graphics are as amazing as ever.

I even feel for these characters ever. I feel bad for never having ever beaten one of these games. Well, I love how it just goes on and on. I bet it did take three years to make. The enemies are always so creative. I'm glad you're still around.

I was quite impressed by this game. It was interesting not knowing what would come up next. This really did turn out to be quite complicated. At least you can always go back. You really have to think ahead here. I got to Level 8.

I like how simple it is with its design. Don't confuse that for easiness! It can be anything but! The music's pretty good as well. I can see why this won Daily Feature.

Wow, I almost wish I stopped going on the forums. I remember Corrupt A Wish! I submitted a bunch of stuff there. Wait, I thought that was locked? Maybe it was just another thread. The music was great.

You had no idea what you were going to hear. It's great to hear this stuff from the end of the year. It does seem sad we're losing users all the time. I'll still be here! I'm a fan of knowing statistics like this.

Little-Rena responds:

Thanks! We are losing active posters on the forums, but hopefully it picks up again, and more people stop by! COME ON, FOR 2020!

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