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Hmm, that was better than expected. Is this the first coronavirus themed game I've played? If not, it's a good start. I mostly like it because of how easy it is to understand. I thought home was where I came from! That was too confusing.

I liked the designs. It's a very nice setup. I like the idea of you helping other people like that. If only I could. I wore a mask for the first time yesterday.

keybol responds:

Thank you! I've always wanted to make a game that's relevant to this days. With Ludum Dare's theme I felt I could make one. Glad you wore your mask!

That was a pretty good game. I was surprised by the gameplay. I mean, I've never seen gameplay like this. It was kind of too weird to understand. That's not what I want in a game. It's definitely creative.

Congratulations on being featured for this Ludum Dare! Those always do catch me by surprise. It used a pretty unique environment. It was admittedly hard to be motivated. Could have used some music.

Wow, this didn't win an award? I admit this was pretty informative. It's great to learn about philosophers. It's just that I thought this wasn't so repetitive. I have never been into point 'n click adventures. This was a tad boring.

It was still pretty playable. The animation probably could've been better. I'm more used to porn games here. Yeah, I thought it would turn into that. I'd rather get crocodile repellent.

I played the game the whole way through! The only reason I didn't give this is a full score is because of how it was just the same game. It seems gauche to rank every entry the full score. Well, this is still completely awesome. I didn't know how to beat the final boss at first. I thought you had to just keep on hitting his hands.

Instead, you have to jump to the top and strike the stalactite. The graphics were as wonderful as ever. You could just spend all day trying to collect everything. I didn't know what the powerups behind the doors did. I liked the rainbow hat.

Wow, this game really did impress me. I was surprised at how unique it was. The music was awesome too. It definitely takes awhile to get used to. I was hard to tell what was solid and what wasn't. I didn't know how to use the orange thing on top.

There's just so much things that can control you. You have to think of so many factors in hand. This was still very fun to play. You really can just slide to so many places. Good for you.

Prox276 responds:

Thanks! :)

I'm glad I figured out how to use the mouse to click. With the arrow keys, it went up and down with the screen! Anyway, it was kind of boring. I thought your health would be rejuvenated after each level! The first level seemed too easy. I would suggest that change.

The graphics were just mediocre. It needed more music. It should have had more variety. It's still completely harmless. Well, the score seems to say that. I thought those were air bubbles, not pearls.

HeadbanGames responds:

[update] check out new version, fixed the keyboard issue and made the first level faster.

Hi Ericho,
Thank you for playing and for the feedback!
I do agree with most of your statements, but you have to keep in mind, this wasn't intended to be a deep or complex game, or a game you grind on, just something to pass a few minutes on here and there.
That being said, I will keep evolving it over time.

About the arrow keys and the spacebar key, I will look on locking those keys, though you can use any other of the keyboard keys/touch the screen/click the mouse or use a gamepad :)

Your health does go up at the end of the level (not to full) and also your max health capacity is increasing, the higher the level you beat the higher the health reward is.
You will have to eat those pearls to stay alive, but not all of them, around 30% is enough to survive, when you get to higher levels you will have plenty of health to waste around.

The levels gets more intense with time, more types of enemies, more enemies spawning, but also more pearls and powerups.
What level did you reach?

The first level was design to ease you up into the game, but yeah, it might be too slow, I will work on that.

I agree about the graphics, I'm terrible with making graphics, believe it or not, I out did myself on this one :)
If I had spare money to throw on a non-profit game, I would, but unfortunately I don't.
I do work on that skill and I'll hopefully get better with time, but that's probably the best I can do right now.

Interesting statement, more music, when there's no music at all :)
That was actually a design choice, I am a musician and making music is usually the easy part for me, but I felt like this game will work better with just atmospheric sound effects.
I thought about making something very subtle with just a bass line with a mellow tune, I will give it a go on my next session.

In conclusion, I know it is far from being perfect and I'm OK with that,
It started as a little game-in-a-day project, and ended up in a game in 4 days.
I will continue adding to it, whenever I got the time to make more assets (takes me a lot of time) or a new cool idea.

Well, it was at least a unique game. I just really couldn't get interested in it. It was just a really slow game. I didn't know how to play it. I just didn't know what to press. I'm sorry, but it just isn't for me.

It did make me sleepy, I guess. It succeeded! The music was fairly good. It just wasn't easy to play. I would need to see a walkthrough. I'm not interested in doing so.

MarkAnime responds:

let me help you
Walkthrough: https://youtu.be/x5pOSow4QNU
You need a keyboard to play this game, use arrow keys, X key and Z key.

That was a really cool game. I didn't understand it at first. Was it an April Fool's joke? It was certainly an odd game, I'll say. The worst part was the disk game. I hate Flappy Bird so much. Well, everyone does.

Luckily, I didn't bump into it too often. I liked that voice. My favorite was probably Pong. Maybe because it was the most basic. The surrealism works so well.

HealliesGames responds:

Yup, I had this idea in mind for a while. What occasion if not April Fools' Day?

Thanks for the feedback, Ericho!

I was very impressed by this. I admit that I had no idea how to play at first. Well, I knew the directions. The CGI was great! It really did add up to a fun, unique game. It was pretty slow, though.

Eh, I don't have a good computer anyway. The music was really cool too. It was hard to tell that these were people at first. I mean that as a compliment. The designs are quite unique.

MonoFlauta responds:

First of all, thank you for playing it! We are planning probably a new version with more time that will result in better feedback.
The team is really happy with your review and we will take it in count. Thank you very much!

I was surprised this was only second place! This was amazing! I didn't know what to do at first. I thought I was at the opening of a cut scene. I'm so glad I got into the game. The animation was fantastic here!

It seemed way better than the other games and the other games were great! I loved the mobility. I loved being able to see that pencil. The enemies were great too. It was just a fantastic game. It's a pity this is only Part 1 of the fourth world!

DrNeroCF responds:

Haha, I swear that happens every time! Oh well, reviews and the score has been wonderful to see :D

And it won't be nearly as long a wait for part 2, don't worry!

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