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Wow, this was a lot harder than I thought. Well, mostly by Level 3. It isn't that good for me to want to really work that hard. It's still a very playable game. I have to look harder into it. I wasn't even aware of the rules at first!

I thought the map was a level itself! The design's pretty good. Sprites should still be around. It's a pretty original idea when you think about it. The colors are nice.

I admit I wasn't impressed by this at first. That's because I couldn't understand it! The best part was how how much variety it had. I think I got to Level 16? I didn't look. It's great how complicated something can be when it's so simple looking.

I can see why this made the front page before it even passed judgement. Well, that might have been because it has medals. Yes, that motivates people too. The music was pretty good. I was afraid I'd die in one hit with those little things coming across.

Wow, I had no idea this game would be so complicated. I mean, you have to figure out so much by yourself. It still had great graphics. It was definitely fun though. I mean, you really have no idea how to even get past anything. It took me awhile to figure out the yellow things.

You have to push the boxes through the opening on the bottom floor. I wasn't expecting much with such a mundane title. Boy, was it anything but! The music was nice too. Glad to have come by this.

Wow, that was weird. I really didn't know it would be that silly. I got some medals, so that's really all I care about. I still appreciate how insane it is. I mean, it's fine for a quick play I suppose. Um..suggestions?

Maybe have more options. At first, I thought being ranked as 69th was a sex joke. I still think it is. I know you can't do better. I guess...the graphics could be better?

This was a fun little game. I admit it wasn't that creative. It was still very playable. I don't even know how fast the cars are. I really like the sounds. It sets up a very realistic feel.

Well, as realistic as jumping from buildings can do. That and these yellow people. "The Simpsons" led the way! It's at least a unique one. Jumping is usually fun.

I admit this wasn't that much. I mean, it was just cups over and over. It was still certainly playable. I got up to the hardest part. It can get too repetitive. Well, that's if you're not good at it!

This was fine for a game. The music was pretty fancy too. June 6th? D-Day! I think it just stops if you say "No" and have to refresh the page.

Wow, that was weird. I admit I had trouble learning how to play it. It was at least rewarding. My favorite bit was the little sounds they made. I guess I didn't understand the directions at first. The CGI was really good.

Well, as good as these graphics can get. Crosses? Is this supposed to be like a religious war? I don't know their beliefs. The colors are great too.

Frenchie14 responds:

I'd love to hear more about what you had trouble learning if you want to message me :)

Haha, no, they're not crosses. They're supposed to be people, but as you could probably guess I'm not an artist. I guess these are the 3D equivalent to child stick figure drawings :P

I liked this, but it had its flaws. The main thing was that it was too easy to die. I didn't know what could hurt me. Even the tigers could! I've never heard of "Tiger King". Well, I don't have Netflix...anymore.

The designs were really cool too. I'm glad I could at least learn from my mistakes. The music's nice too. It just takes too long to get used to. Still definitely playable.

It's always nice to have a game where you don't have to press many buttons. That doesn't mean it still isn't hard though. I really did love the little details. I was surprised how it got hard so quickly. The music's nice too. It deserves its Daily 2nd Place.

That is, it's not great. It's just good. Please don't take offense to that. The premise was interesting too. I guess the purple powerups make you change direction as I wasn't really noticing.

Hmm, can't say I cared for this, because I wasn't good at it. Even at Level 2, it was hard. At least it was a unique game. It's nice to have something challenging. The graphics are certainly great. Why is there just one medal?

That's way too hard! Yes, I play games for the medals. This was at least entertaining. This can be depressing. Only one level beaten?!

jazzDgames responds:

I added more medals for 10 and 20 puzzles solved. Thanks for the feedback!

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