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This was a truly clever and unique game! My only complaint was that it was too short! Okay, it was made for a dare so that's understandable. Still, it was so much fun! I didn't know how to play it at first. I'm glad I did.

The atmosphere was fantastic. It seems weird that you wouldn't die when you ran out of fire. I mean, you automatically lost! Still, the designs were wonderful. Even the enemies were unlike anything I've seen before. So glad I looked further in this game.

It was definitely creative, but there was a big problem. There were two few levels in Adventure Mode! It was still quite fun. I'm not that much into creating levels. It's too much work. I do like the music.

I hope more levels will be added. How come you can't play levels other people made? I know that will come eventually. It just seems too new. Don't worry, I could figure out some medals even though they were all secret.

larrynachos responds:

Yeah, I'm still working on more adventure mode levels. You can play other levels people make if they submit it through the form on the main menu. Right now there's only one community level made by my friend Black Kiwi.

Thanks for the review!

I really did think this was a unique game. I mean, I've never heard of a concept like it. It was harder than I thought. Well, the hills was really easy of course. Then again, I did scrape my palm. It'll be hard playing games for awhile.

Even the graphics were nice. Again, not much happens. It has a pretty interesting story too. I didn't understand how you could go cold at first. The music's sweet and subtle.

morazor responds:

Ouch, sounds painful! Well, when you'll recover maybe come back for more :D

I couldn't really advance. It just got to a place where I couldn't go further. Granted, that's probably because I couldn't see the whole screen. I didn't see any option where I could go further. I saw text that was cut off. I can see why it won Underdog Of The Week.

The animation was great. I just couldn't play it well. It was interesting like that at least. She was scary. It deserves credit for its realty.

OtroWeonMas responds:

That's weird, I don't see anyone else who gets that. Either way, you can download the game on the itch.io page from here https://anter2.itch.io/out-of-reach if you want to play the rest. Thanks for playing!

Well, it's hard to say I thought it was too short. I mean, it was still really challenging. It's definitely playable. I'm glad I was so good at it. Easy medal of course. Maybe it needed color? There was a little, I guess.

I did like the color that did stand out. I appreciate the bacon theme. Bacon is always good. I didn't realize you had to click to refuel. I thought it only applied to after you hit the ground.

I was impressed at how hard it got! No, really. It was a unique game in my opinion. It did get annoying like that. I sincerely thought it was going to be much easier. It's hard for me to keep track of these directions.

You have to plan everything out so well. Glad to know this jam is still going on. It probably could have been more detailed. It's still hard enough! I'd have to take awhile to get used to it.

Hmm, that was very odd. I appreciate how it was at least unique. I mean, it was completely nonsensical. I liked getting those medals. I need to stop saying that. The goofy animation was really funny.

I'm not a fan of "The Last Of Us". I believe it's about zombies. I'm just going to compare it to "The Walking Dead" because that's something I really have followed. It's good to have a silly game like this around. Congrats on your high score!

It could have been more detailed, but it was still great. I was truly impressed at how wild this was! It was a really unique game. I had no idea where we'd go next. I liked the gameplay. I had no idea it would be that hard.

It really does escalate fast. Thank you so much for a medal at the end of every medal! It wasn't easy at all! Well, in terms of number of buttons pressed it was. It's still good to play.

This is a great game, but I admit I don't like the controls. It can be very frustrating having to press Q,E, and Z all at the same time twice to superjump. I wish it was just one button. Still, this is a great game. I just love how it looks. It seems like a callback to classic sprite games. We do that a lot here.

I like this protagonist. It's just a very cute game. You deserve your high score. I remember "Bonkers" as the name of this one cartoon. Heard it was bad, so I never watched it.

I liked how topical the game was. I just didn't think it was that good. It was mostly just the same thing on the same screen. I couldn't get into it that much. I'm glad I could get past some zones. I didn't know how some people died.

There was just a tombstone that appeared out of nowhere. I'm not interested enough to care. We do need games like this. I hope there's a coronavirus jam. It seems inevitable at this point.

kikill responds:

Happy to see you play our game again, Ericho, after our five-year hiatus from NG!

Yes, I inserted four middle levels in response to players' feedback on how steep the initial difficulty curve was. That's smoothed out now but you have articulated a side effect which did worry me earlier. Will weigh in your comment in the next update.

Indeed this game came out of a corona virus jam -- it's called Jamdemic 2020.

Let's talk in PM.

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