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It only figures we'd have a coronavirus game. Pretty much it'll probably have its own section. I don't know how to beat the last part. We need something like this. The simplicity works so well. The music's nice too.

There's not much going on, but that's the point. Luckily, the park nearby is open. I don't touch random strangers anyway. I don't think most people do. Of course, they don't touch me either.

I admit that I couldn't really get into this. It's mostly because I couldn't control my character well. I never really was into these kinds of games. Still, it's kind of different. The graphics aren't that great. It seems too glitchy.

I know other people would enjoy this. Well, the score isn't that high anyways. I'm just not interested in getting into it. At least we have more CGI games like this. You'd think we'd make the transition by now.

keybol responds:

I've improved the controls with less sensitivity. Gunhook is also slowed down.

Wow, that was pretty bad. I mean, I couldn't even see the whole screen. Was that just poor quality? I doubt it. It just seemed like simple text. I was never into text games.

I can see why it was the lowest ranked submission for this jam. I guess it was kind of unique? I just couldn't get into this. I needed a bigger screen. You need better lines.

This is probably the best game I've played in this jam! It's much more playable than most. I love how it switches up the enemies. That does kind of make it harder. Even on easy mode, it's hard! It's still very creative.

I like the simplistic design. I just wish there were easier medals. I didn't realize you had to split to defeat the skull with the rock. I thought you had to destroy the rock first. You then have to do it at an angle.

HealliesGames responds:

I definitely have to learn to adjust the difficulty for any kind of player.
At least, with a couple of attempts it seems easy to get carried away.
Thank you for your feedback, Ericho!

Again, this deserves credit for being creative. It just wasn't that fun. If you think I'm saying that because I want medals, well then, you're right. I didn't know where it ended. I certainly was alone. It was very suitable for the theme.

It's just a very slow game. I do like the theme. At least there's some way to communicate. The set up is great too. I'm glad I learned how to start the game by pressing Space and now I just realized you can go faster with Shift.

Okay, I guess this game was at least playable. It just didn't seem to have much point. At least I could beat it. You could punch bears over and over. Still, it was at least unique. The animation reminded me of "Retarded Animal Babies".

I couldn't really eat at first. I then realized you had to punch and then eat the bears. The poop was weird. Again, still creative. It just needs more variety.

catproX responds:

Thanks for your feedback. I agree with your assessment as this was part of the game jam and I was seeking to make something to try out the HaxeFlixel engine. I may explore expanding Party Land to a full game.

Well, this game does deserve some credit. It really is truly unique! If only I could beat it. There's so much to consider. It was too slow. Well, it would have been too easy if it wasn't.

This had a lot going for it, even if it was just blocks moving. You know how to make something interesting. If only there was an easy medal. I'm not alone here. I have my shadow or whatever that is.

HartfordGames responds:


The game was playable, but I didn't know what sense to make of it! How did I get those ghosts outside the manors? How did I even get outside? The design's probably too simple. Dang, these jams just never stop! I'm glad we're all still active.

Okay, I think I've figured it out. There's certain windows you can go through. It's still a bit too complicated. At least I was motivated to get some medals. Aren't I always?

I thought this game was just okay. It had pretty simplistic designs. Wouldn't this Ludum Dare's theme be marijuana? I mean, it's 420! Well, it's really 420 all month. This still hasn't been a good month.

I was afraid it would be too easy. I'm glad it more complicated with the peasants. I got 268. I have no idea what the average score is here. It's playable, but not really good.

Wow, this game was really annoying. I didn't even know how I died half the time. I just seemed to go off the screen. That's a good way to die. Uh, Happy 420? You might have been high making this.

Yeah, this is the worst game for Ludum Dare 46. The graphics were really low quality. It just seemed like a bunch of random shapes. It's too simplistic. I'm sure you can do better.

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