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I admit that it's hilarious to take such a goofy character and make him serious. What literal phrase was he thinking about? It's been awhile since I've seen the actual cartoon. I remember favoriting that one. Congrats on being Egoraptor's favorite art submission! You probably deserve it.

I really do feel sorry for this guy. It must be hard for him all the time. He kind of looks like Butters from "South Park". Come to think of it, he's almost in the same decision. I guess I like losing characters.

Oh, I get it. I didn't quite understand the joke, but it's all obvious now. I just love this. It's only one joke, but damn is it funny. You just have no idea what's going to be in this picture. I guess more observant people could tell from the title.

Well, this teaches a good lesson at least. Disney's rich enough on their own now. I love the prince's look. It would be hard for them to uh...be together. I don't want to think about those implications. Thank you for this original and hilarious idea!

Yes, I finally got up with all your art pieces! I admit this was kind of weird. It wasn't as good as most of your other pieces. I am glad you told us why you submitted it. I wish you would come back here! I am not familiar with this character at all.

I am glad it's at least something different. You rarely draw men here. The colors were fairly good. I don't see what this has to do with poop, cats, farts, or pee. Oh well, random humor can be funny.

It's been too long since I've reviewed a comic. I had no idea where this was going. In fact, I didn't even know what the punchline was! I am satisfied to have figured it out. The cheetah was just turned on by the zebra's butt. That's weird interspecies romance.

The setup is great. It really takes its time. I now realize what "savanna" meant. It's nice to see complex terms like that. This was just very enjoyable.

I wish you'd draw pictures of hot women I'm familiar with. I'd love to see a sexy Samus or Lara Croft from you! Still, this is a great picture. I think her back is more realistic than your other pictures. It's still pretty jutted out, though. A lot of their facial expressions seem familiar.

She has really cute eyes. Yeah, that's the thing I'm paying the most attention to. The light purple background is great too. She has such a charming pose. The shadows are nice too.

I guess it's kind of cheating to favorite two of these pictures in a row. I'm going to anyway! Dude, these are just unbelievable! I just love looking back at all the sketches you've made. These were never completed, making it all the more fascinating. It's not really so much what you made, but what could have been.

I'd probably be biased in saying that Twilight was the best. Are you a brony?! All of these images provided such good contrast. A lot of good really can come from a livestream! Showcases from you are always amazing. Please submit more stuff to this website!

This is a very weird and very good picture! I guess the different styles turned me off a little. It still doesn't matter much, because this is great to look at. I have no clue what's going on here. I've seen a couple pictures like this before. It looks like those balloons are alive!

Wait no, they're just in the shape of elephants. I love how happy the crocodile is. Or alligator. It's hard to tell when he's orange. This is completely messed up, but also quite joyous.

This is one of the best pieces you've ever done! I guess it's so great because there are so many different characters in it. It's great to see you drawing some hot recognizable women. I love Yoko and Hinata. In fact, I was just looking at a hot Yoko picture. These colors are drop dead gorgeous.

I think my favorites might be Finn and Jake. I just now noticed Meowth. You can simply not stop finding new things in this. You are a true artist! It's not just women, it's all sorts of things. Thank you so much for saving this masterpiece!

Wow, this is such a beautiful picture! Just looking at the thumbnails, I can tell that you're a great artist. I guess I love this because it makes so little sense. It's just really fun with how silly it is. This truly is the kind of stuff I would see in an art museum. It's so great to have such high class stuff here.

The picture itself is pretty funny. It's just that it's drawn so beautifully. There's so much depth with all these animals. I don't know why a bear would play the accordion. I love the trees and hills and everything. This is a work of art, my friend.

I'm glad you mentioned the character's name. Yeah, those are pretty interesting breasts. It does seem like it's too unrealistic. It's kind of creepy how her back is. I still love her expression. The background's great too.

I have never heard of her before. I guess I just recognize your drawing style. The colors are as gorgeous as ever. That's what really sells this. That's probably the biggest ponytail I've ever seen.

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