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Wow, I'm the 2,000th person to see this! Do I win something? I loved this because of how different it was. We even got to see two Maus faces here. The best part was not knowing what would show up. It seemed more like detective maus at first.

Why wasn't it called ancient egypt maus? I mean, they're still around today! I do feel bad for them as they're nowhere near as much of a world power now. Can you even name any modern Egyptians? I think the first guy was Indiana Jones.

I admit that this was kind of predictable. I mean, there literally wasn't much that changed between the transitioning of the scenes. I still appreciated how it was something different. Wait, all of your things are different. How is that even a compliment? It's quite standard.

You've made so many it's hard to know what's next. Well, most of them were submitted on the same day. Hey wait a minute! My mom always said that every day was Children's Day! How dare you steal from children!

I can't believe this has such a low rating. It was completely unexpected! I thought it would be a smurf with the face of the maus. I mean, that's what the title implies. Instead, it ended up showing a smurf house. It does make me realize how unique their houses were.

I guess you could just call it mushroom maus instead. You drew the smurf well. It really is in the style of the original cartoons! I like how the house has two different colored eyes. That's a weird thing to say about a house.

This was indeed pretty interesting. I should have known the actual Wii remote wouldn't look like the face. I guess I thought the computer screen might look like it. Anyway, it was unexpected. It's nice to see this activity. I may have never had a Wii, but at least used some.

There could have been a bit more variety. That might be because it's going faster now. With this cheap computer, it takes awhile to go at first. I recognize your hands more and more. I notice the lined white background with the hand.

At first, this seemed pretty bad. I mean, it was just a guy with the Maus face. I thought the name implied that the actual lawnmower would be done like Maus. I then noticed there was a Maus cloud in the background. I guess you won't make a maus cloud. I then realized what you were doing.

It was indeed worth it to see that huge face at the end. That is some pretty tall grass. I like how his plaid shirt stays in the same position. It's just easier to draw. Then again, it never moved around.

Why is the rating so slow? I really enjoyed this! Granted, it's not too original, but it's quite different for you. I have actually done something like this myself. Well, I drew the Mona Lisa on a literal Easter egg once. It's just that iconic a picture.

The background is really good. This is the second time the thumbnail was just a blank screen. Those are the most unexpected! Of course, the title gives it away. It's nice to have a variant of the title.

I was a little disappointed in this. It was just weird to not see the full face. I guess it would be the full head. No, not the girl the Maus symbol. It seems like you used that low quality technique. It doesn't seem justified here.

In the other one, it was supposed to be like a painting or a comic strip. It didn't fit as well here. This is still pretty unique. Of course, you couldn't do the same thing twice. At least it's organized.

I was eager to see what would come of this. I guess it's mostly because you see an ordinary looking person at first. Well, he does look quite goofy. I just now noticed the background. It's the little things you have to look for. I'm glad he was orange.

I missed orange not appearing in the rainbow page. Obviously, this is something German. You were doing your heritage proud at this time! I rarely see that face move. He looks rather happy.

This is a pretty impressive one, mostly because you don't know what's going on. It would have been more appropriate to call this lightbulb maus, but that would have given it away. You know you've seen a lot when you think a short gif like thing has an ending. It's different than most! Einstein looks pretty good here. You did good shading with him.

Oh yeah, he was German. This makes sense. Of course, I'm a genius! Everything looks rather nice. This is the first time you've used a real person for one of these.

This was actually kind of gross. I guess it's because the toothpaste looked like a caterpillar. You know, with the bristles being the thing's legs. I wouldn't like the idea of that thing on my toothbrush. Of course, if the bristles were legs it wouldn't be a toothbrush. I guess the rest of that tube says "Maus".

You're using every object you can think of. Well, really anything you can think of. The colors are pretty good. I guess I don't pay attention to toothpaste colors. You're going back to combining words?

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