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By "older" you mean that quite literally. I mean, I believe this is literally an elderly woman. It's still a nice picture. It just makes me think of some bad thoughts. I like the background. It seems to show some nice tapestry.

I guess it's further proof that it's an old woman. Her ears seem to be floating off her body. The rest of it is pretty nice. It's drawn with pretty realistic details. Well, I've never seen an old woman from that angle.

Ooh, September 11th. I always think about that date. Anyway, this is a great picture as usual. Usually, an AMV doesn't have original characters. I still appreciate this. I am glad it didn't get too graphic. You just never know with the "Yaoi" sign.

I especially like the furry guy. I just love how they're all so happy. It's great to see you do original characters. Although a lot of your characters do look similar. The background is nice and happy too. It's a very pleasant picture.

I couldn't really understand this. What did Sonic do to Robotnik? I thought maybe Robotnik was using an axe to cut Sonic's PINGAS off. I mean, this certainly looks like the Robotnik from "Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog". He's probably the most recognizable among memes. I guess it was funny to see them like this.

It's just a little too messy. I still appreciate how it's a little funny. I guess there's another drawing called, "I Hate...". They're both the same number of words. Sonic is so ugly.

This reminds me of that blue woman from "Star Wars". Look, I'm more familiar with that than "Mega Man", okay? This wasn't one of your best pictures. I guess it just came off as too silly to me. Hey, you finally got off that date in 2009! I wish I could see newer stuff from you.

I like this pink background. Well, it's not so much a background as an aura. Yeah, I know about that stuff. It's weird to see a naked body like that. Again, not familiar with the original character.

It's so sad that you've only made a few art submissions. You are freaking talented dude! I'm not even much a fan of the character Vega. This is just a wonderful and eccentric way to hold him. It's mostly the horse that does that. Now THAT is a noble steed.

Maybe it's just because I'm a brony. You just showed off his muscles perfectly. I'm at least familiar with him to know his appearance. You have done him so much justice! How ironic he'd have a ponytail. Well, that's not quite the same as a horse.

Great picture! Dang, everybody really was busy when the art portal first opened. I was quite impressed by the colors. You're so good with them! It's weird because shouldn't this character be called Ring Woman? It seems like a pretty easy name to come across.

It's a little hard to tell with end of her body the ring is coming from. Dang, I don't even know basic female anatomy. Yeah, the boobs are pretty nice. Love to see those "Dead Or Alive" chicks here!

I found this picture to be okay. Odd, this seems familiar to me. I know I haven't reviewed it before. Maybe it was just something I glanced over at one point. It's pretty unexpected. I should have predicted what it would look like from the title.

I thought the title made it seem like it was like a banana and a noodle crossed. I probably just love noodles that much. It's a pretty original concept. I guess they are both long things. Good thing crocodiles don't eat bananas.

Yes, this is indeed one of your best pieces! It could have used a little less empty space. At least it's orange. That's my favorite color! It's great to see such a well known fan do this. You really are a big fan of Mega Man.

I do wish I was more familiar with his history. You draw men just as well as women! Wait, is it all supposed to be the same character? I really do need to understand this character better. Whatever the history, this looks great.

I find this to be one of your best pictures. It's probably because it has the best looking woman. Yeah, that's what most of us are looking for. It's really done in a stylistic manner. Yep, she's topless. A keyhole is a good visual.

I have never done this in real life. Wait, why am I talking about this? You have a great use of black and white. It's hard to tell what's darkness and what's clothes she's wearing. I like her eyes too.

Looking at this, I could tell it was something older. I'm just used to seeing fancier stuff from you. This is still a nice picture. I mean, I have a really old drawing I submitted here. It's great to know where you started with your art. I'm not a "Kingdom Hearts" fan.

I love the music though! I'm fairly certain this is directly from the games. At least I know a little about it. You seemed to have done the franchise well. It's nice to see how you've improved.

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