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I just noticed how pointy the girl's feet are. I mean, I guess you could argue that's just her shoe, but it really looks abnormal. Still, it's a great picture. I think it's just the way she just at the viewer. It's seductive in sort of an entertaining way. I wasn't attracted to her.

I was more just, entertained by her. It was nice to include that text. You rarely see that in your stuff. The colors are really good. You are a great artist.

Wow, you were certainly busy on June 17th. Then again, so was everyone else as I believe this was the first day of the art portal. Ross' birthday was seriously on this date? How lucky for him! I love the paper this was made on. I mean, I know how this process works.

That probably is just some paper you drew on. If not, it looks quite authentic. I also like it when people work hard for their friends. I guess the blue guy's supposed to be a dolphin. I just assume all strange animals I see online are pokemon.

I found this to just be okay. It's not one of your best pieces. I just thought it would be more ironic or something. The body is way out of proportion. It just seemed more noticeable. I like the idea of a postcard design here.

Eh, everyone else would probably found it too sexual. They should see the other stuff here of course. She seems to be lacking toes. You probably shouldn't have put so much focus on the feet. It's still interesting.

I did not find this to be one of your best pieces. It's mostly because there was no color. I mean, the lines look great. It's just that I'm so used to seeing the brightness in your drawings! I'm not that familiar with "King of Fighters", okay? Well, I do know Mai Shirauni.

Of course, that's only because she's so sexy! These kind of remind me of guys from Tekken. It's something about the long haired dude. No, I don't know their names either. The poses are still fine.

I am not a fan of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". I've seen about two episodes and it wasn't capturing me. I still think this is a great picture. It's great how you take such a goofy design and make it so cool. This really does look like the characters in a different spirit. Meatwad looks more like Kirby, though.

I've reviewed a lot of your other stuff, even though you're not prolific. It's fun to apply anime to other stuff. Oh wait, I meant Meat-Bou back there. I didn't notice the different names. This is good either way.

I think this was one of your lesser art pieces. I didn't really care for how weird it was. This guy didn't even look like Pikachu. I couldn't help but think it was another pokemon. I lost count of those guys after the first 493! It's still not a bad picture at all.

The coloring is pretty good. This guy looks like he's throwing up everywhere! It seems more like a pig pokemon. There's probably too many of those to count. Why are the ears so small?

I guess she does always dress in a bikini. Oh wait, you ARE the same guy who did the other one! In fact, it looks like almost all of your art pieces are Girlchan related. Well, it's great that you like Egoraptor so much. He seems kind of annoyed in this piece. Then again, he is blushing.

I like the little white bubbles everywhere. I guess it's meant to show how bubbly Girlchan is. Bubbles aren't the only round thing about her. Her hair gets bigger all the time. I guess everything about her is just big.

I wish you would show us these stories! It would be great to see you working on something serious. You have almost never done that. Come to think of it, all your drawings seem pretty serious. I really like how cartoonish this is. She seems to be goofier than your other characters.

It's always great to look into new stories. She seems very Mega Man like. I guess it's just the clothes. Is she supposed to not have a nose? Well, many anime characters don't.

I like this picture, but not as much as most people. I guess I was indeed annoyed by how her legs were too long. I'm glad you point that out. It's still a good picture. You use your negative space very well. I like the little red dots.

She has this really cool expression too. It's nice to see a woman so smug. This just wasn't memorable for me. Congrats on your front page! I don't even pay attention to pictures on the front page.

This girl kind of reminds me of Hinata from "Naruto". I guess it's just something with the long blue hair. She does seem a bit too distorted. It's still great to look at. The legs are probably the best in the whole thing. You do so well with colors.

You're still doing shades of blue. That's one tight butt she must have. I love how she's just staring at me. It really does show off attitude. It's not in some lame rebel way, it's just cool looking.

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