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More great Girlchan artwork! I admit that I have no idea who this guy is. Even looking at Egoraptor's stuff, it comes off as something new. I really do like his design. No author comments at all? I didn't even know you could do that!

He kind of looks like Balrog. At least I'm familiar with that character. I don't even know who he's looking at. I really do love his expression. It's great to just see him staring at me like that.

Another great picture! I think this wasn't quite as good as the last one, but it's still wonderful. It's just great to see this yellow background. I love all the bright colors on this person. It isn't an actual person? This would make a great character!

Then again, a lot of these characters do look the same. I still love them of course! I love how she's looking at me. It kind of looks like a giant eyeball. Some of these girls should have names.

This is some of the best Girlchan fanart I've ever seen! I feel bad for not being a bigger fan of the series. Then again, I can appreciate artwork from stuff I'm not into. It's just that I wanted to be more familiar with the characters. This still looks great. I love this guy's electric powers.

He's just so evil and proud. The facial expression and facial HAIR tells you all you need to know. It's a great scene anticipating action. It's a nice sunny background too. It is cool to add "bitches" to everything.

Just a doodle?! Dude, this is a great art piece! It's mostly because it's really unique for you. You'll see me using the phrase "unique" a lot. Is she supposed to be naked? I mean, she has the same skin color for the whole thing.

You perv! It's not really sexualized, though. My only complaint is that there's a bit too much negative space. She should have been more in the middle. It's still a great piece.

Personally, I didn't think this was that good. I mean, it's by no means awful. It's just that the lines aren't that good. The shading seems a bit off too. I don't recognize her from Girlchan. It made Egoraptor's favorites!

I don't think this was part of that contest. I like the use of purple. I do like her defiant look. I would just like to see more action. I'm glad other people like this.

I am very impressed by this! I especially like the shadows. It shows how well developed these characters are. I feel sad that this wasn't made into a cartoon. It seems like this would be more serious stuff. It would be great to try your hand on something different.

Of course, you were probably intending on something more comedic. I love the look on X's face. At least I recognize THAT character. I have no clue who this Spark Mandrill is. Whatever it is, it's a great picture!

Okay, this is hilarious. At first, I didn't understand this. I don't remember that character from the series. Just by saying her name you have told me all I need to get the joke. While not the greatest picture, it's definitely funny. It's great to see her being depicted like that.

I've never seen him get a nosebleed like that. It would take a lot for him to do that. She really is quite attractive! She's probably a lot smarter than Girlchan. You've made so many of these.

While not one of your best pictures, this was still nice. It's mostly because you use an original character. It's weird to think that this isn't you as a character. It's just the name. The quality is kind of low. That's why I didn't love this.

It's still nice to look at. Your colors are always flawless. I like the use of bubbles. That's what those things are, right? The hairstyle's cool too.

I agree that this wasn't very good. There was a lot of stuff made for the Girlchan contest. That personally wasn't one of my favorite of Egoraptor's flashes. I understand that a lot of people love it, though. This just seems like an easy gay joke. Then again, I haven't seen the series in a long time.

The overall quality isn't that good. I guess I will praise you for the colors. They match the characters in the original series. I wish Egoraptor would come back here. I know realize he's occupied as Hell with Game Grumps.

Therman responds:

An easy gay joke indeed. This is some years ago and I believe I would have done a better job today. My drawing skills have improved and my dick jokes have matured. It was too bad he didnt finish the girlchan series. I remember there were some really creative character ideas for the girlchan contest. Anyway, thanks for the rewiev.

I admit to having no idea what a zook is. I guess it's this floating machine she's on. I find the perspective quite nice in this. I'm not familiar with this "The Girls" thing. Is that something you made yourself? I guess I just wish you'd make pictures of Girlchan here.

It looks like there's an explosion in the air. That's always a cool effect. The clouds are great too. I like how she's staring at me. It's hard to tell if she's blinking.

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