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Hey, you have over nine thous...okay that's an old meme by now. I was expecting something more colorful. This is still a nice picture. It's just that I'm confused by the high rating. Well, people can always disagree with each other. I use that hand sign sometimes.

I don't even know what it's called. Streaks of blood make many things cooler. The background is quite impressive too. It looks a little spritey. It makes you wonder what the rest of his (or her) body looks like.

Yes, this is a great picture! Its only flaw is that it should be distributed more. There's a bit too much negative space here and there. It doesn't matter, because it's great to look at. I have never seen a 3D image from you. I rarely see those at all in the art portal! We should have more variety.

I just love the way the sign reflects in the water. It's a cool little noticeable effect. Is the tank firing? It does look like there's some fire blast coming from it. That makes it all the cooler!

It's interesting to see your first submission. You made a fair number. I just love this image of you looking so bored. It's not very well detailed in itself, but it doesn't matter. It's nice you can make fun of yourself like this. I assume that's what you look like.

The computer doesn't look very well drawn. Of course, you wouldn't be in the mood to draw it well! It's great to see how far you've come here. There should probably be capitals in your words. You were too lazy even for that!

Well, I guess it only fits that you would go out with a bang. I had absolutely no idea that this picture would be so massive and wonderful. Oh, now THIS is the most popular drawing you've ever submitted. It definitely deserves it! It was nice to see so much variety from your other things. This seems like a better way of expressing yourself.

I am a huge fan of these games. Why don't they have their own Series? They're certainly more popular and numerous than a lot of other game series here! It's wonderful all this hard work made something truly great. It's been fun reviewing all your art pieces. I certainly concluded with the best of them all!

Wiesi responds:

Thank you A LOT for all these great reviews! I really appreciate it! By the way, at the moment I'm working on Bangkok Shark, but I'm not sure if I will ever finish it. Well, stay tuned and thanks for all the support!!

I loved this because it was an inverse of your usual stuff. You normally just show the maus image hidden somewhere. This time, it was nothing but the maus image with a hidden Mickey! Hey, that's an actual Disney Easter Egg! They have Hidden Mickeys everywhere. I like how unpredictable it was.

I was not expecting to go back and see that. It was a nice little surprise. Do you really hate Disney? It is pretty funny to see Mickey Mouse as a sheep. Oh yeah, he's black, duh.

Congrats on your most viewed submission ever! Seeing as how you've made so many, that's really saying something. Granted, it's still pretty low, but it doesn't matter. I really had no idea what was going to happen here. It didn't seem like one of your maus submissions. Then I saw that blue guy here.

I just think it works well as a loop. That really does show how an escalator works. I guess I just like the motion here. Also congrats on all these reviews. You could try submitting other stuff here.

This is one of the best you've ever done. I think it's because I believe I have seen this before. You did indeed do something like this when your website reached three million hits. Of course, it was an actual cartoon back then. I guess this horse guy is your mascot. Does he have a name?

I just love how you set this one up. You really do show creativity here. It's always nice to learn about the vastness of the Universe. An infinite loop image shows it off well. Oh, I guess he talks here too.

This is one of your more colorful things, quite literally. I knew what was coming. I was still surprised by what I saw. I don't know if this is accurate. You might have just been drawing random stuff. I recognize your hands.

The balloons are pretty nicely done. Maybe you could make a flash showing all this stuff? It seems weird to have so many. This is still nicely done. You don't seem to draw balloons that much.

I was hoping there'd be more movement. It wasn't colorful or anything. I wish we could have seen the power do something. At least it’s something different. I don’t think you’ve done an alternate power source maus before. You rarely see those at all nowadays.

You’ll literally never run out of random things to put that face on. I’m not going to make requests. I know you’re done with these. Hey, my 58th review! A new record for me in one day and I’m never doing this again.

Why isn't this one of your highest rated pictures? I think it's amazing. The face almost looks CGI. Dang, you must have millions of points on this thing by now. You have done well with pinball games. It's great that you submit something you're related to.

The ball is nice and shiny. I like the lightning bolt arrows too. While it doesn't change, it's still a great picture. It really is pretty hypnotic. I just like the use of gray.

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