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I thought someone was cooking custard or something at first. I should have paid more attention to the title. I do like how this turned out. The best part is probably when we see the dough rise. I don't know if you make it like that in real life. I know little about baking goods.

This is pretty realistically drawn. There's five fingers and everything! The shadow's pretty good too. The dough is just too yellow. My mom would know about that.

Remember how I said foam looked cute? It's not as cute if it's smoke. Wait, I meant puffy looking. Again, it works better with foam or clouds. I did like how there was a heart in this. I don't know where this is taking place.

Why are there are all these sharp marks on top of a factory building? They look like shark fins. The color seemed a bit off. It's like some different technique. The sky's blue is nice.

This is another one that's pretty creepy. It didn't bother me that much because it was something with a great background. It's just funny to see those waving shapes. I guess it's all a mirage. I was able to tell it would show the camel's hump. It was interesting to see how you'd do that.

I knew you couldn't show the maus nose. It's still pretty close. The camel itself has some really great shading. I like his expression. Hey, I just made by 55th review today, a new record for me and maybe this whole website and maybe even the whole world!

This one was just mediocre. I liked how there was more movement in it. I wasn't expecting there to be two skates. I can vaguely see the ice. Does it snow a lot where you're from? Not here in Florida it doesn't.

I guess I wanted something more colorful. Well, winter isn't very colorful. I wonder if that's a maus guy doing this? It would make for better buildup. Besides, it's August.

Why was this submitted in August? Do you just have a thing for submitting everything on one day? I highly doubt you made all of these in one day. It should have been mausvalentine. I don't know if it would be as good as valentinemaus. You've put your logo on everything. I just now notice the shadows.

You can see the shadow of the machine as it works. Yeah, I notice little things like that. I mean, you went through all this work making all of these. I should praise you for every little detail. You're so prolific.

I think this may be the cutest gif you ever made. It's because it's just so, well, puffy looking. Puffiness is always cute. It's nice to see it slowly transform. That works well for foam. You could have called it bathmaus.

Well, that might not have been specific enough. I don't see how you'd make a bathtub in the shape of the face. Maybe you could show a person with that head in it? I like how the faucet moves. We wouldn't this to overflow.

What did this have anything to do with gold? I mean, it should have been called bearmaus. With that being said, I don't care that much. This really is a nice picture. Those Haribo bears are just so nice looking. These guys are horses, right?

I guess you can never make horsemaus. You did a great job with the shadings. These seem pretty realistic. I wonder how those would taste? Eh, probably the exact same. The shape wouldn't affect the flavor.

Wiesi responds:

Here in germany the Haribo bears are called "Haribo Gold Bears", that's why I used the word gold. Thanks for reviewing! :)

Why was this called "wonderlamp"? It would have worked out just as well if it was just lampmaus. Maybe magiclampmaus was what you thinking of. The face doesn't even look that much like a genie. It's more like a ghost. Maybe you could be both?

You can make up anything you want about them. I like the shading in the background. Purple just seems like an appropriate color for this setting. I don't know. Maybe I just think of Arabic royalty.

Yeah, rainbows! I could have sworn that this would be an even bigger Maus face that the two smaller ones were going on. It would have made a great reveal! You forgot orange again! That's still my favorite color! This moves pretty fast.

At first, I thought this would be a reference to MLP. I now realize that MLP (FIM) did not even exist at the time of this. I'm just so used to seeing that everywhere. I associate rainbows with those guys. The colors are really nice.

This turned out to be so much better than I thought. This may in fact be my favorite art piece of yours! It's mostly because it's the most colorful. There's just so much activity going on. I like how the bubbles are all coming one source. I have no idea what this had to do with amigas.

This had nothing to do with girls. That's the Spanish word for girl, BTW. I remember how you started in 2002. It's great to see you celebrating an anniversary. The letters are just so bouncy.

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