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I agree that this wasn't very good. There was a lot of stuff made for the Girlchan contest. That personally wasn't one of my favorite of Egoraptor's flashes. I understand that a lot of people love it, though. This just seems like an easy gay joke. Then again, I haven't seen the series in a long time.

The overall quality isn't that good. I guess I will praise you for the colors. They match the characters in the original series. I wish Egoraptor would come back here. I know realize he's occupied as Hell with Game Grumps.

Therman responds:

An easy gay joke indeed. This is some years ago and I believe I would have done a better job today. My drawing skills have improved and my dick jokes have matured. It was too bad he didnt finish the girlchan series. I remember there were some really creative character ideas for the girlchan contest. Anyway, thanks for the rewiev.

Well, I guess it only fits that you would go out with a bang. I had absolutely no idea that this picture would be so massive and wonderful. Oh, now THIS is the most popular drawing you've ever submitted. It definitely deserves it! It was nice to see so much variety from your other things. This seems like a better way of expressing yourself.

I am a huge fan of these games. Why don't they have their own Series? They're certainly more popular and numerous than a lot of other game series here! It's wonderful all this hard work made something truly great. It's been fun reviewing all your art pieces. I certainly concluded with the best of them all!

Wiesi responds:

Thank you A LOT for all these great reviews! I really appreciate it! By the way, at the moment I'm working on Bangkok Shark, but I'm not sure if I will ever finish it. Well, stay tuned and thanks for all the support!!

What did this have anything to do with gold? I mean, it should have been called bearmaus. With that being said, I don't care that much. This really is a nice picture. Those Haribo bears are just so nice looking. These guys are horses, right?

I guess you can never make horsemaus. You did a great job with the shadings. These seem pretty realistic. I wonder how those would taste? Eh, probably the exact same. The shape wouldn't affect the flavor.

Wiesi responds:

Here in germany the Haribo bears are called "Haribo Gold Bears", that's why I used the word gold. Thanks for reviewing! :)

This is one of my favorite pieces from you. It's mostly because it's the most unpredictable one you made. I thought it was going to be like a bunch of dots that connected to form an image. This is a reference to some specific picture, I bet. This is the first time I've seen that guy cry. He does look genuinely sad.

Is he on some national flag? It's hard to tell as there are so many of those. Is the title a reference to pop art? Pop culture? I should know more about art.

Wiesi responds:

Yeah, it's a reference to the pop art of Roy Lichtenstein. Thanks for the review!

This was a little bit before you submitted your famous shark games here. Was this an inspiration? I doubt it as the games are much more detailed. I really was wondering how the face would be put in here. It's cool to imagine what it would be like under there. You know, with how the ears moved.

This seemed to be one of your longer gifs. Sharks are always fun to look at. I thought they were going to merge into something. They mostly stayed separate. This seems to be getting slower all the time.

Wiesi responds:

Oh I loved sharks even before I made the shark games. :)

This is perhaps your most complex submission yet. It's also your best at least for me! I tried to look closely at what direction the jets were going. I can't tell for sure, but I do think they were going in the proper pattern. They really were making that shape. I didn't know what this would have to do with maus at first.

I was able to figure it out after awhile. You should just submit all these in a movie. It would be cool to hear the sound for these things. Wasn't this one of your games? It's hard to tell as you've made so many.

Wiesi responds:

Hey! No, it wasn't in any of my games, however, you're right, it would be interesting to add sound to it! Thank you for the review!

This might be the most unpredictable thing you did here. I mean, you already have the image right there! I thought maybe it would turn into a smaller image of itself. I like how there's a little guy doing it. That's two horse heads! Of course, his body doesn't look like a horse.

Everyone was really busy on this day. There has probably never been a day with more art submitted. It's a nice gradual process here. That might be my slower computer. I just use it to my advantage.

Wiesi responds:

Thanks a lot for your reviews!! :)

Wow, this is pretty twisted. Is this supposed to be promoting conspiracy theories? Like how it was Scientologists who did 911? With all the crazy ones I've heard, it wouldn't surprise me. Is the other guy supposed to be Jewish? These theories are pretty anti-Semitic.

Anyway, I guess the sketch was alright. It probably tried too hard to be offensive. I saw this at a bad time as the worst shooting in American history happened today. Well, that's life I guess. The lines are pretty good for something this ugly.

W-P-S responds:

I doodled this 8 years ago. Just a dumb sketch practicing human faces. I even forgot I put it on newgrounds.

Did you wait, all these 8 years, specifically for a big ass shooting to happen, just to leave this review?

Okay, this may in fact be the best picture you ever worked on. It's probably one of the best things of any kind that has ever been submitted to this website. You are simply unbelievable. I just kept scrolling down and seeing more beauty. Everything just gets more and more insane. You've shown us insanity is good.

It's really hard to come up with a favorite part. I think I might say the ocean part. It contrasts well the Hell like part in the planet. I doubt this is Earth. This is just overflowing with gorgeous colors and details. If there is a Heaven, you will go there, my friend.

Kamikaye responds:

Thanks a lot ! :) I also like these older vertical ones a lot. I have wall scrolls of these at home. Maybe I should make some of these again.

It would feel weird for me to give a perfect score to every submission you make. I still loved this. I just uh, didn't love it as much as your other pictures. Is that an insult? This seemed to be something different for you. Then again, it was an early submission.

I love how detailed this creature is. There's just so many good colors in this. The backgrounds are what makes this. Those would be your most noted drawings. It's even hard to see the guy riding him.

Kamikaye responds:

THanks :) Yea this one is really old. Maybe I should revisit it sometime.

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