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Wow, this is the first submission you've ever done that didn't have the word "maus" in it. At first, I thought that maybe you would finally not show that face. Instead you did, in the most interesting way possible. This is like the third time you've killed Mickey. Did a mouse kill your father? That statue is pretty good looking.

This should have been called porcelain maus. It would make more sense with the series. How many pieces are there anyway? It seems to be an appropriate size for the statue. Is it a statue or a figurine?

I didn't care much for this because it was actually kind of creepy. I mean, I don't know why, but this looks deformed. I got mostly what I was expecting. I can see why the rating's pretty low. That arm must belong to Popeye, right? I guess I just assume he's all cartoon characters with big biceps.

The title is just one letter away from "muscle mass". I guess that makes sense here. That's some shiny skin. It was weird how you used a body part. It's just one of your stranger pieces.

Ooh, this one's rather stylistic. More and more it seems like you hate Mickey Mouse. He does look rather sad in this. I love how there's so much going on. All of the little flames are so nicely detailed. Even the oil's done well.

I'm glad the Maus face is at least happy. There's good details in that furnace. It's been so long since I've seen one of those. Even the longs look nice. I like how it turns into itself.

I don't see why the rating is low. I guess this is supposed to be using dark humor. You know, with how it's all about death? Maybe it isn't. Whatever the way, it's still creative. I think the more accurate title would have been "oxygenmaskmaus".

Hmm, that name probably would have been too long. Maybe oxygen maskmaus? There's so many ways to do it. This again seemed like it would be one image. I mean, it's quite cool looking from what it shows on the thumbnail.

I was really afraid that this would be nothing but a single image. I know you have never done anything here that wasn't a gif. Besides, it's the same in this series. I think it might be the longest running series in the art portal. It's a pity it hasn't been recognized. This wasn't that creative.

I guess the punchline is pretty good. It's just basically a flipped version. That makes the animation look lazy. I still like how you never run out of objects. There's so many of those things in existence!

I think this might be my favorite gif from you. What I love is how you have no idea when the face will appear. I was thinking the whole thing was a reference to the German word "maus" for "mouse". I still haven't figured that out. This might have had more movement than any other one you've done. I don't hate Mickey Mouse.

It's still funny to see him being shot. That kid really waits until the end of the screen to shoot him. I almost think he'll miss one of them. Almost being the key word. The colors are pretty good here.

Now I was starting to think that THIS would be called "water maus". You'll probably never make that. What you did do was quite good. The face seems kind of off here. I guess it makes sense being literally made of water. Of course, the drop wasn't like it.

Of course again, drops and waves are different. The nose just seems too long. You submitted thirty-seven art pieces in one day! You're freaking amazing, dude! That must be some record here.

I can see why the rating is so high. This is one of the most unpredictable things you've ever done. I thought it would be a rabbit. I mean, that's the thing that comes out of magician's hats the most often, right? The doves are a great effect. I knew there would be three.

The colors are quite nice. It's still pretty slow for me. You have yet to make a rabbit maus. That would be interesting! Of course, you're obviously done with these things.

When I saw the title, I was expecting something else. I mean, maybe just some random object dropping. This is still a nice image. I especially like how the ears form. You could have just called this "water maus". It seems you have other things planned later.

I just like how, excuse me, fluid this is. You can even see the drop's shadow. I rarely see that detail. Then again, maybe I'm just not looking. I guess "Yipie" is just a way of saying "Yippie".

Wow, congrats on your highest rated thing ever! It also happens to be your most reviewed art piece. I love all the little details. I thought the final image would be better. That’s two great things in this! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a seismograph on the Art Portal.

Maybe you should have made earthquake maus. Eh, that might be insensitive. Of course, I’m sure you could make it work. For some reason, this is downloading really slowly. I guess it’s again, just this cheap computer.

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