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This is one of your more elaborate submissions. I just like these colors. Some of it did look kind of off. I thought the little dots were too noticeable. Maybe that was the point? I guess it might not have worked as well if you had better quality.

This is literally the most colorful one you've ever done. I didn't know where the face would show up. The picture screen was a great idea. Hey, you're missing orange! That's my favorite color!

This reminds me of the time when I found dandelions as a kid. I blew them like this. I don't do that anymore not because I grew out of it. It's because I simply haven't found any of those guys around in a long time. It made me sad to see them all go out. I found they'd form a Maus image at the end.

Maybe that would have been overkill? Whatever, this is a pretty nice little thing. You really should show the face more at the end, though. It kills the anticipation. Well, I mean it lets us down.

This was one of your weakest pictures. Didn't you already do an egg maus? Well, I guess that was a chicken maus. That certainly looks like the same egg from there. I thought it was going to hatch. That was a letdown.

I guess this takes place on a counter. Orange is my favorite color. At least it still has a distinct shape. I don't know how you submitted so much stuff on this day. I mean, it doesn't seem like you physically COULD.

I like this because you have no idea what's going to happen next. I didn't know you could find gems like that. I guess I should pay more attention to "Steven Universe". It was nice to see all these different colors. Were they meant to be specific gems? You know, like garnet or amethyst.

I know little about gems. I thought the ocean was where you found stuff like pearls. I know what those gems look like. This takes place at the ocean, right? It certainly looks like a beach.

Well, I didn't see a UFO picture from you, but this is close. I thought it would connect all the blue dots at first. Most of them were in fact connected, but not all. I wasn't able to tell which dots would make the face. Your hands are becoming easy to recognize. Is it supposed to be like a fox?

You should have put the eyes there. I guess it was the silhouette and not the face. You get the idea. I didn't know you were going to go up on the screen. Man, you did a lot of variants.

At first, I thought that thing was a UFO. I was interested in seeing how a UFO would be made to look like the Maus face. It turns out I was wrong on either counts. I like it when it's unexpected like that. You have made games featuring plants. There were never ones like this, though.

The face itself was rarely featured in your games. I like the purple background. I could tell it was going to be a Venus fly trap. I mean, what other plant would literally interact with a fly? It's a pretty good fly too.

This is actually an interesting picture. Well, a moving gif. What makes this nice is that you think the outcome is pretty obvious at first. Then it ends up being more detailed than you thought. I think maus is instead the German word for "mouse". That actually works as a good joke.

The second face certainly doesn't look like a mouse. I thought it was the word because of that Maus comic with mice. Am I confused? Anyway, this had a lot of movement and well represented your work. I should have known a mere drawing would be simple.

This is one of your goofiest looking pictures. It's mostly because it's drawn so well. You don't expect to see this silly face here. I wish there was more of a reveal. It's just right in front of you here. It looks like now you're dwelling into fictional creatures.

There are quite a lot of those. The colors are really nice. It looks like a volcano in the background. I guess I'm not that familiar with their geography. It certainly looks nice.

Shouldn't this have been called boxing maus? It seemed really bland at first. I am so glad it ended up being quite creative. I never would have expected his face to show up like that. That's pretty muc the Alfred Neuman of these pictures. He's in all of them.

I like the photography flashes in the background. He really does show good emotion here. I think that's the same guy from before. I notice how his silhouette comes out of focus. That's a nice little touch.

This is one of my favorite pieces from you. It's mostly because it's the most unpredictable one you made. I thought it was going to be like a bunch of dots that connected to form an image. This is a reference to some specific picture, I bet. This is the first time I've seen that guy cry. He does look genuinely sad.

Is he on some national flag? It's hard to tell as there are so many of those. Is the title a reference to pop art? Pop culture? I should know more about art.

Wiesi responds:

Yeah, it's a reference to the pop art of Roy Lichtenstein. Thanks for the review!

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