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I personally didn't find this to be great. At least it's still a good drawing! I do appreciate how the style is unique. I think it would have been better if you had showed off more characters. There really is an interesting cast in that series. Then again, I can't remember their names.

It's great to see Girlchan in even skimpier clothes. Hey, bikinis are quite deserving of this website! The weird thing was that she does seem a bit too skinny. She should be a bit more spread out. It's still a good picture.

This drawing certainly holds up! I'm so glad you brought this character here. I recognize your art style more and more. You just rarely draw men. I feel so bad for wanting you to draw hotter characters. The coloring here is wonderful.

The shading just synches perfectly. I love the use of contrasting colors with the bubbles. The same patterns work so well. She looks so good in blue and pink. Those are your best colors.

I believe "Tank Girl" is referring to an actual character. It's not one that you or him made. I am somewhat familiar with the character. This is a great picture because of how ambitious it is. Wait, shouldn't this be under Egoraptor's profile? Well, it's okay with him.

It was pretty easy to tell it was made by him. He seems to draw women in a similar manner. I'm sorry, GIRLS would be the more appropriate term here. A double image, is that what this would be called? I just wish she was a little hotter, lol.

I personally didn't find this as one of your best pictures. I guess I thought it just looked a bit too cartoonish. It's still quite nice. It's nice that you drew a character your friend made. I'm sure he appreciates it! Or she, could be a girl.

I especially take note of the white lines jutting out. That's kind of good and kind of bad. It's distinctive, but it also looks a bit too cartoonish. I still liked most of this. It seems like you only draw women.

What a great picture! I admit that the only reason I don't like this more is because Girlchan In Paradise is one of my least favorite cartoons from Egoraptor This is still wonderful. Yeah, boob movement! You really did catch these spot on. There's Daily awards for pictures?

I even like the white outline. It's weird because maybe it should have been more like your own. It's still a great piece of art. I've forgotten all of these characters' names except Girlchan. Wouldn't you know it?

When I first saw the thumbnail, I knew that this would be your best work. Boy, is it wonderful! You really have captured chaos with this. Maybe it's more about what's about to happen. It's great to just catch the exact moment that something amazing happens. These really do seem like part of some painting sold at an auction.

This deserves to have its really high rating. This character looks way more detailed than most of your other characters. I always love to see people working with new styles. Everything just seems to be splashing out here. I can't tell if she fired that shot. You are a wonderful artist!

I feel bad about not knowing who Wander is. Judging from this description, he's a character from Shadow Of The Colossus. I have at least heard of that. I just loved all the little details in this. There seem to be different styles clashing together in this one. I like the symbol on his chest.

Of course, these aren't your characters. It's weird how I mistook them for yours at first. Wander is probably the best looking part. His goofy design contrasts so well with the skinny robot. He really is quite skinny.

It does seem like your drawings aren't as good as your cartoons. They're still great! It took me awhile to figure out who this was. Yeah, I didn't look at the title. I was just judging by the thumbnail, okay? You've captured the character so well.

The perspective is a little off, but it's still wonderful. The red colors do it great justice. It just captures madness so well. I mean madness of any kind, not just the cartoon series. It's pretty unique for you.

When I first saw the title, I thought you just talking about Kary being tricky. Looking more at it, I knew it was more familiar. Duh, it was a Tricky The Clown reference! You made drawings last year. You certainly took a much longer break after this! I love the green color.

It seem to be vaguely like "Alice In Wonderland". I guess I was just reminded of the Tim Burton version. The green effects work wonderfully. I've never seen Tricky as a female before. Then again, I've never seen a female in a Madness cartoon before!

Why'd you say "pedo" in the description? You're not a pedo for making this! Of course, I don't know how old Kary is. The best part of this is probably the film parts around it. It gives a really authentic movie feeling to it. These are technically movies.

I like how there are so many streaks in the blast. I rarely see green done so well. I wish it was more focused on her body. It's still executed brilliantly. You can't go wrong with an artist as good as you.

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