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I am one of the most prolific reviewers on this website and even on the Internet! I am proud to be such a huge fan of this website!

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eye of the tiger

Sorry man, I would have sent you something but I'm 15 and can't donate. Good luck with that anyway.


i would give you money but you haven't done anything for newgrounds except write reviews but reviews are useless unless you had some experience in making flash movies yourself well you did make 1 flash movie but 0.80/5.00 sorry but i wouldn't donate money to someone worse than the KK, the kitty krew may multi-vote there movies but they still are better than you at flash.

Since you have written a lot of flash reviews you know what people like and dislike. Therefore you should be able to create a cool simple flash game that will bring in some cash? You can also try doing extensive reviews beta flash games for money. Or you can get a job at a local supermarket or something.

I hope your review work won't suffer under your financial situation!

Good luck.

I don't have enough money to buy FlashPlayer and when I tried to make something without it, it went terribly wrong.

hey ericho how bout me and you do a animation together? you do the drawing and i do the animating, how's that sound?

How about you start selling your Flash Reviews!? That'll be over 4,000 dollars (US).

Haha I was going to say something about how you have reviewed almost everything I have... but then I saw u have 4k reviews... so I've only reviewed a very small fraction of the shit you have... where do you find the time?

If you're about to go broke, you could always get a job instead of wasting your life reviewing games and movies on an internet site, I'm not trying to be a dick and I know that there's a recession, but it really isn't that hard to get a job to keep yourself from starving to death.

maybe fucking try to get a job instead of posting 4k reviews on newgrounds

Yes,your birthday is on may right?

May 23rd, correct.

im making you my rival, but dont worry

Just don't die, and everything will be fine.

Man, you've got to be the biggest pushover here on NG. You're a great guy, and you've done great for the community. If I had a lot of money I'd help you out, but unfortunately I'm 16 and a half and I never had a job :(

Trust me-- this is a VERY normal thing nowadays so don't feel too bad. A lot of my friends are in similar shape (if not worse-- high 5-digit numbers in debt) You'll figure it out. But of course, like all good things, it will just take time :)

As far as helping you out, the only thing I could recommend doing is maybe doing some reading/survey sites if you can't find a PT/FT job. Fusioncash.net is an awesome one that I'm on. You get 5$ for each referral you get to join the site and get 3$ for posting in the forum per month. I've made like 200 bucks on it in the past year-- every little bit helps, right? If you can make a post telling people to sign up with you as a referral, I'm sure they'd check it out and that may help out a lot.

Just make sure to read the rules (cashout = 90 days or it resets). And use me as your referral! lol. Anyway, thanks for the review on my Jaws animation! And take Prometheus's post to heart!

The best thing you can do is SUBSCRIBE TO ME.

do you have aspergers


You going to see you name in Top 11 Frikipedia

suck on my juicy lucy balls

Ericho responds:

I don't have enough money to buy FlashPlayer and when I tried to make something without it, it went terribly wrong.

And yet you reviewed thousands of animations to this site and yet you know NOTHING about how flash is made. You don't even know the name of the program USED to make these animations.

I find this very unfair and rude. Maybe dis is karma. or if u rly got asbergers den uhoh then ~ nvm