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I am one of the most prolific reviewers on this website and even on the Internet! I am proud to be such a huge fan of this website!

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It should help you solve both of those problems.


I have Norton AntiVirus Online yaaay ^.^


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Yay, I can collect that check from James Randi!

well good then

Dude, now that's a lot of reviews. Do you um...Review all day or something?

It's hard to find a game you HAVEN'T reviewed yet. Just calm down :-|. Less than 20% of them even have author's responses anyways.

that's pretty impressive

you are now my unknown rival

Who has the most reviews on NG?


That explains everything!

I thought it was just a crazy coincidence that I always see your reviews everywhere I go.

Congrats though, hopefully you win one of those user awards.

Has he reviewed, like everything? D:

Great job. However Cyberdevil is ahead you. XwayneColtX is cool.

#Ahead of

btw Shade XWaynecoltX reviewed over 19,000 Flash Submissions and its not going anywhere

How can you *review* flashes and music, how can you *give advice* to artist all around Newgrounds, if you can't make even decent flash or music yourself?

What can you advise, if you have no skill at anything?
You are writing too much.. and it's getting annoying to see your hollow bravado everywhere, and I understand that you have a psychic disorder. But please, stop being a formidable lout and let Negrounds take a short break from your incessant barking

Congrats on your 5K views,

Ive always found your reviews to be well thought out, insightful, and constructive.

keep doing what you do, alot of us artists appreciate it.

wanna be friends

Whoa, five thousand?! :O I've got, like, over a hundred and fifty! :P


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