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My longest ever and last news post!

Posted by Ericho - December 4th, 2019

Well, it's been years since my last news post and video, but I have decided to present my longest video I have ever made in my entire life!

It is a miracle the Nostalgia Critic said good things about the Star Wars prequels.



Comments (6)

21 minutes hmm... seems I'd best leave this till after work. The Nostalgia Critics have been becoming rather rare these recent years... good to see they're still going too.

You should look up OneyPlays.They have a couple of compilations about the Nostalgic Critic that you would like.Also,glad you are still around.What were you up to all these years?

Reviewing stuff here. Also, my city was hit by Hurricane Michael so I haven't been able to do as much.

What a surprise to see that interview today! Nice read.

Without the Top 100 Reviewers list we don't really communicate much but: how's life in this crazy age? Self-isolating, avoiding the riots; doing alright I hope?

Not too well. I haven't worked in months due to the virus.

Aw man. :/ Seeing your reviews it seemed like life as usual... do you still have a job, just waiting to get back to it, or nothing at all? Seems like warehouses and stores at least are hiring more people than ever before right now, unless the riots are interfering with anything involving retail too... freelance writing maybe?

Hope things get back on track soon. Gotta have funds and food and a functional lifestyle after all...

Well, I am on unemployment.

Ah, well then all the more time to spend on hobbies then. :) Anyway hope all this shizzle calms down; things sort themselves out soon. Seems like normalization actually may be on route too...

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