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I am one of the most prolific reviewers on this website and even on the Internet! I am proud to be such a huge fan of this website!

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3,000 REVIEWS!!

Posted by Ericho - June 1st, 2010

Thank you everyone here for all of your kind comments and messages you sent to me over the year encouraging me to work harder on reviews. I am a giant fan of this website and I am very proud of myself for being able to make it this far. I just wanted to say here that if anyone wants to use me as a voice, I would be glad to. A lot of stuff has happened since my last news post. I got my computer repaired from a huge virus for the umpeenth time. Most importantly however, I turned 21 and I am now legal to do anything I want that anyone else can in this country!! I love all of you guys, I love reviewing, and I love everything about this website as well as the whole Internet!

Please check out my latest YouTube video, like, comment, and subscribe! It says that I disabled embedding, so could someone tell me how to bring it back?

Comments (45)

I believe you still can't rent a car, I heard its 23 but might depend on the state and or local laws.

Grats on 3,000 dude


How pissed would you be if all of the sudden, a ton of your reviews got flagged and deleted lol?

Anyways, congrats on the 3,000.

Are you proud of yourself? I've seen you on countless forgotten videos and games with your gay picture of some Link fan character next to some stupid headline starting off your reviews, followed by a wall of complete bullshit, usually about some personal connection you made to the submission (often irrelevant to the material you posted on) or just some story about you.

You know what you are? A spammer. I hope you enjoyed wasting all that time of your life; you will get absolutely nothing out of it in return. Ever.

Oh, and you have to be 25 to rent a car.

stop making reviews


Fuck you.asshole.

Stop posting nerdy ass reviews. It just makes you look bad.

i'll do some voice work with you but i heard you suck at it, (by danny and tails), i haven't heard your voice so i'm not sure yet so just in case i hope you got better and i look forward to working with you soon.

my last comment sounded to much like the pm i sent that one time didn't it?
well i anyway i would like to do VA work with you if you don't mind.

I do not have Flash Player and the first time I tried to submit something without that, it went terribly.

You get rid of the grapple by clicking a second time.

fucking die already, yeah?

Dude, wherever I go in Newgrounds I see you've already made a review on it. How the hell do you do it?

I just review everything I watch.

so why'd you say you're wanting to voice act with others if you don't even have flash player?

Yeah, I did word that poorly.

Haha you rule fellow epic-user. Don't you have your own thing on TTA, and that's your logo? Dark ericho, from the power of Kagemamarou. I know these things. How do ya like that? Smart guy, am I not?

But how can you live here if you DIED on tome? IMPORTANT QQUESSTIONS!!! Lol.
Link kicks ass.

but considering that your register date is in 2008, and the making of the videos was in 2005, your account was based on TTA. I am so right it's scary.

Congrats and happy birthday 3,000 reviews is a pretty nice number keep at it.


He is indeed the ultimate newgrounder.

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