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I am one of the most prolific reviewers on this website and even on the Internet! I am proud to be such a huge fan of this website!

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Posted by Ericho - August 29th, 2010

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Woah, this is something that I have been wanting my entire life, but never had. I finally got into the Top 10 Most Prolific Newgrounds Reviewers Of All Time, having recently beat M-A-R-C-U-S. I am now truly in the big leagues and nothing can stop me. I love all of you guys and all of the tons of flashes and games you have submitted and I loved reviewing every single one of them. I guess the sky is the limit, my dear friends and I am going to keep on reviewing until I run out of things I want to review. I can not wait until "Fun Flash Portal Statistics" updates with my name there and the next Top Reviewers List.


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Comments (21)

Congrats, bro! At the rate you've been reviewing, it was inevitable. Do you think you'll ever blam and save?

Gratulation, now get out in real life and do something useful for society.

Dude. I see you fucking EVERYWHERE. Always see that little red link in the reviews. Shit I even think you reviewed one of my songs... I cant remember.

we will make a tribute flash in your honor for achieving 4000 reviews

i agree with audiovision (except for the thing about his songs)
ur everywhere anyway congratulations!

fuck you

I love u

Your flash submission sucks. You should take it down so you can give yourself a good reputation here in NG.

so is it like your goal to make number 1?

Pretty much, yeah.

what do you plan to do "if" you get that spot?

I don't know. I have never thought that far ahead.

Congratulations on your recent achievement, now go for number one.

Wow! Thats awesome dude, I collect unemployment and still have more of a life than you. But congats anyways and keep up he good work!

look at this faggot fuck you

nvm gj (Y)

but yeah ericho is shit

Good job reviewing submissions.

i have a flash now you want o review it?
it's my first one of course though.

I'll be the one to say your reviews really aren't that great. Occasionally, you make legitimately good points and very astute observations, but most other times you make unnecessary comparisons and in general say a lot of things that don't need to be said. You always cut from one point to the next without any transition or conclusion, and nearly all of the adjectives you use to describe the ideas in movies or games are very basic and overused. Your reviews are certainly more in-depth than the average one-line Newgrounds review, but they still could use a fair bit of improvement.

I just reviewed your reviews :O

Why do i see you everywere?! ARE YOU STALKING ME?! WTF?! :d

Congratz, you're number 9 now!

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