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I'm finally here!

Posted by Ericho - November 13th, 2011

Guys, you're not going to believe this, but I am now in the Top 10 most prolific reviewers of all time! Seriously, take a look. The Newgrounds ones include audio and art reviews.

10. Ericho (7,604) (NG)
9. Dennis Schwartz (7,984) (RottenTomatoes)
8. CyberDevil (9,019) (NG)
7. Illuminate (10,312) (NG)
6. planktonrules (11,499) (#1 on IMDB)
5. Emanuel Levy (13,333) (#1 on RT)
4. KWAS71KCK (15,110) (NG)
3. Leonard Maltin (17,908) (approximation) (book, not on website)
2. XwaynecoltX (20,473) (#1 on NG)
1. Harriet Klausner (25,890) (#1 on Amazon and #1 overall)

Does anyone know of any other reviewers with over 7604 reviews? Thank you all my friends for this! I notice that Kirbopher has created a retool of the TTA series and I would love to voice myself in it! Oh, and check out my latest work and subscribe as always!

Comments (13)

hey! congrats man! keep up the good work.

Not bad at all. I still have 2 more people to pass to become #1 audio reviewer. :P

As for KWAS71KCK, I don't find his reviews very interesting. =/

Congrats! I was always wondering why I saw your name almost everywhere i went on this site.

well u would be cos i see ur comments on every flash!

mangoes gratitude sir

yah, you're an awesome reviewer, you encouraged me to right better reviews ;), it's no suprise you got that rank!! everywhere i go (nearly) i see one of your' brilliant reviews, i've only found a few that were a little.... untypical of you

Nice list u have here young one. :)

You must have quite a bit of time on your hands <.<

Congratz mr. I review everything.

fucking fuck fucked motherfucked fuck fuck fucking fucker motherfucker fuck...long,long and forever...106,I think...

Congratulations man! I love reading all of your reviews.

Congrats man

thanks for all the great, and well thought out art reviews my friend

much appreciated!