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Ten to the fourth power!!

Posted by Ericho - April 27th, 2013

Hi, everybody. I just wanted to say that I have finally reached 10,000 reviews on this website! I don't think I'm going to update my new achievements from now on, because I've personally gotten tired of it. I learned how to promote my YouTube channel so there's no need in me putting videos up here. In fact, my downloading tool no longer works, so I don't think I'm even going to make any more YT videos. I realize that people like XwaynecoltX don't have updates like this, so I want to learn humility. Thank you so much for everyone's love and support and all of my fans.

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Did you read my review to your audio submission?

Congrats! Yeah, X just brags about his achievements in his profile commentary. ;) Next step 20k?

I'm close to making 200 Audio reviews... D:
Don't learn about humility too much, otherwise..
You'll feel a bit weird. In a bad way.

Thanks for reviewing my cartoons!

You're fucking bonkers, buddy.

One day youre gonna realize how much time you wasted reviewing, or maybe you never will, only time will tell

Some people may say reviews are a waste of time.

But it takes working hard on a massive project to really appreciate a good, helpful review.

Take care of yourself, eh?

10,000! That's simply impressive!

Happy 5th anniversary of your sign-up!

Nice avatar

you have 80 fans lol



wort wort wort

Is this an elaborate way to say you eat lard? If so, there's so many other options you can choose to do that, like die of cardiac arrest.


Cool !

hmph, then im gonna reach 10,000 reviews too, but only in the audio portal!

You became famous for your reviews?

I guess, that's what I'm know for, but I'm not really famous.

congratulacions on your 10.000 reviews
i always see your reviews and i love too see your dedicacion to this site
good luck and keep the good work

Happy birthday!
Keep up the great reviews!

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