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Nice and lengthy

I am always impressed by songs that go on for over 5 or so minutes, yet are still great. You have managed to keep my attention for a long time as this was a very nice tune. It almost sounded like you were trying to imitate the "X-Files" opening theme. All the way through, this had a pretty soft tone as well as being mysterious. There seemed to be a lot of different intstruments used, which I liked. I was impressed by how well everything was synced and it didn't bore the listener of anything.

Pretty good

Seeing as how you yourself don't know how to describe this, let me be the explainer. This had a pretty steady rythum going for it, and I really liked how it was so casual. It didn't try to be flashy or anything, simply because it didn't need to. It did a lot for what it was supposed to be, and it fits your style. The image in my head was that of a guy with baggy pants walking down the street with sneakers. You sure know how to create a good mental image for your fans.

Uh, weird

Well, this has got to be one of the weirdest audio submissions I have ever heard. It's really funny to hear your voice, but strange with the content you are talking about. I keep thinking you are reading from some romantic erotic novel. While I do not know much about those things, I imagine they would similar to a fanfic like this anyway. I liked the music that went on in the background. It was probably painful to read this, so thank you for taking one out for the team.

Just a boy?

This really reminded me of the song "Just A Girl" by some lady I can't remember. Anyway, I thought this was okay for someone putting out voice acting stuff. It is kind of nice knowing that a person can just put their own voice in the form of a song and get a fairly good score. It was hard to tell how much effort was put into this as it was pretty short. If that was you yourself, then you are quite talented at impersonating a feminine voice. If it was some girl, then I think you should let her onto your voice team.

One of your best!

I can easily see why is your most viewed out of your 2009 submissions, even if there were only two. This is among the most graceful things I have ever heard. It doesn't succeed at just being graceful, but for giving you a true feeling of action. The beginning almost makes it seem like it was taken through a rainstorm or something like that. I really liked the overall triumphant feeling and the good use of voices and echoes. As we bid the year 2009 farewell as well as the decade, may you make many more good things in the future.

Nice and peaceful

One of my favorite submissions to this audio portal is one featuring the eye of a hurricane. This works similar in a very effective way, because it has some of the most authentic sounding rain effects out there. It really suits it that you worked on this at 2:30 am as it gives the listener a feeling of night. I was extremely impressed at how wonderful everything sounded to its real feeling. The different kind of instruments were very nicely done as well. I am glad that you have shown true beauty through your work.

Very nice music

I wasn't the biggest fan of the Larry flash, but this was very good music. It has a wonderful collection of ringing churchbells or some kind of instruments like that. I believe I could vaguely hear some voices, which added to it's authenticness. I felt that this gave off a good feeling of triumphantness and the beginning of a journey which is what it was used for. I am of course a big fan of JAZZA and it's nice to see stuff he has used, even if it wasn't made by him. This was quite impressive and I hope you continue to be successful in the future.

DavidOrr responds:

Thank you for your kind words- glad you enjoyed it!

Very glorious indeed!

I guess you were perhaps not leaning so much towards glory as you were for a confrontation which would be before glory. Still, this was a fantastic piece of music to listen to. It's so authentic sounding it sounds like something you would hear in "Super Smash Bros." and the like. This had its periods of building up and going down. While it may not have been the most triumphant thing I have heard, it is great. I look foward to the day when JAZZA or someone like that uses in a game or animation.

Very pleasant

It seems like nowadays I am just hearing pleasant songs going around everywhere. I was able to recognize that this used the flute or some other wind instrument. It felt like something that would be fit for a pleasant medeival game. It almost sounded Chocobo-like, or at least something that would be appropriate for the Final Fantasy games. It also reminded me of a festival, like at a renaissance fair. You really know how to get your themes right and make something appropriate.

Very good

Here you go yet again with some very nice and flashy stuff you have given us. This starting out as being somewhat ordinary, but it really lived up to a great potential of being more fast-paced. Even thought it was fast paced, it still kept the tone of cheerfulness. You really do work well in giving off cheerful tones in all of the stuff you've submitted. I could hear some use of the banjo or something like that. It's a great way to end the year of 2007 in terms of audio stuff, and I'm surprised this hasn't been used in any of your flashes.

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